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Holby City: Not the big bad wolf

(Series 13, Ep.12) There’s a new registrar on AAU (played by Jimmy Akingbola). He goes by the name of Malick – though his first name is, apparently, Antoine, like Lulu and Madonna he generally just goes by that one name, Malick.

Like Madonna, and to a much lesser extent Lulu, he’s also a bit controversial. Is he a maniac or a genius, as Michael Spence pondered to himself?  He has a certain way with patients which is part cajoling, part bullying, part charm, yet generally successful;  but he does have form for thumping consultants he disagrees with.

Anyway, on balance Michael has decided that Malick can stay on Team Spence. This is odd, because Hanssen is still looking at ways he can reduce the staff salary budget, and surely AAU is pretty much well-staffed already? Mark “Jesus” Williams seems to have Goth Nurse Frieda in his sights as the next person to collect her P45, and, frankly, if she goes, I go too. But we already know that Goth Nurse Frieda has a few more strings to her bow so I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her fabulous Ukrainian surliness.

Donna and Kieran were all lovey-dovey, which of course couldn’t last. It turns out he’s in the army, and is being sent to Afghanistan as a medic next week. Donna, having seen what Afghanistan did to Gary Windass on Corrie, can’t cope with having a boyfriend in a war zone, so they pretended they didn’t love each other and that was the end of that. Which made me a bit cross, really.

And Chrissie didn’t get sacked or anything following her disciplinary hearing (thanks to Jesus pulling a few strings). She just has to work under supervision for a while.

Next week: Joseph decides to leave (nooooo!), and Frieda thinks about a change of role (yesss!).

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