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EastEnders and Coronation Street: Two little boys

Warning to all female soap characters: do not get pregnant in spring, otherwise there’s a very real risk that you’ll be giving birth in the crucial-for-ratings Christmas and New Year episodes, which almost inevitably means things will not go well.

EastEnders had a double drop over the festive season, with Kat and Ronnie producing babies Tommy Moon and James Branning respectively. I rather enjoyed how Ronnie took herself to hospital by tube and gave birth with minimum fuss, while it was left to Kat to do the more spectacular waters-breaking-in-the-pub-cellar production. It looked like mother and babies were doing fine, even though the first face that baby Tommy saw was that of Mo Slater.

But in soapland things seldom go well for long, and pretty soon Kat was haemorrhaging all over the place and Ronnie was discovering James lifeless in his cot. The scenes of Ronnie carrying the baby through the celebrating new year crowds, trying to find someone to help her were heartbreaking. I have to take issue with what seems to be about to happen next, though, as it looks as though she’s going to swap her dead baby for Kat’s living one. In such an awful circumstance, would she really think any baby would do? It’s a sensationalist and pretty lazy plot device.

Over in Corrie, Tracey Barlow was continuing to be as horrible as possible to as many people as possible, apparently with the sole aim of getting herself hit on the head and for there to be more suspects than Murder on the Orient Express. You have to admire her committment to stirring trouble, though. Surely it’s going above and beyond the call of bitchy duty to have to get down and dirty with both of Gail’s sons (separately, thank heaven). Ugh and ugh again.

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