Lustbox: Keeley Hawes

Ah, Christmas. Despite my very best attempts to be a Good (Velocity) Girl this year, in return Santa’s Sack contained a broken speedometer and a chest infection. Thanks for that, Father Christmas – you really shouldn’t have! No, really. You shouldn’t have.

However, our old pal FC did at least partly redeem himself on Boxing Day, by providing your intrepid correspondent with the opportunity to drool ov- I mean ardently admire the acting performance of Keeley Hawes in the BBC remake of Upstairs Downstairs.

Upstairs? Downstairs? Anywhere you like, really...

Hawes has pretty much cornered the market in Dramas of all Periods – Our Mutual Friend, Wives and Daughters, Tipping The Velvet, Marple, Ashes to Ashes etc. Plus she’s done Shakespeare (she was a truly moving miscarrying Lady Macbeth in the ShakespeaRe-Told series on the Beeb a while back and was also very good indeed in the not-dreadfully-sympathetic role of Desdemona in ITV’s Othello) and Chaucer (again in the Beeb’s modern adaptations). And she also played probably the most sympathetic female role to date in Spooks (yes I know Ros was fab but she was also terrifying), bringing a touching vulnerability as an agent ultimately done in by having to continually choose Duty over Love. And whilst her struggle with the badly-underwritten role of Alex in Ashes to Ashes was all too plain to see in its first series, the way in which she went on to make the part into something that managed to be both strong and moving was impressive.

Having been at times written off as yet another Kate Winslet/Emma Thompson/Emilia Fox/Emily Mortimer/Keira Knightley etc English Rose, the fact that Hawes is almost continually in high-quality work such as Upstairs Downstairs surely speaks for itself. She’s not adverse to sending herself up either, as her turn in That Mitchell And Webb Look proved. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s even the face of Boots No. 7 make-up and the voice of Lara Croft. Carlsberg don’t make women, but if they did….

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6 responses to “Lustbox: Keeley Hawes

  1. inkface

    Did you like her wearing the diamond tiara in Upstairs Downstairs? Marvellous.

  2. Velocity Girl

    Indeed, it was most excellent. As was the bit where she told off Eileen Atkins on the stairs about her having inadvertently invited a Nazi to the party. Still better than Michael Barrymore though, I suppose…

  3. Thank the lord Carlsberg don’t make women! I suspect they’d be turning out ones to match that ridiculous poll that made the ‘news’ last month. Men believe that the perfect girlfriend is the one who has a high sex drive, enjoys a hearty meal and gets ready to go out in 10 minutes. She is also a career-minded woman who earns more than their partner but at the same time wants to stay at home and bring up the children. It is also very important that she has a pert bottom too.
    They want us to keep our weight in check too, while also wanting us to tuck into a big meal without worrying. Perfect ladies will have luscious long hair, be skinny and trim and confident enough to go out without make-up.
    Sadly the ability to hold an intelligent conversation wasn’t a big concern for these men. I say sadly, I fervently hope never to date any of the tits who took part in this poll!
    All this and stubble rash too…

  4. Velocity Girl

    I missed the Carlsberg poll, JTH – I would most certainly have not made a reference to aforementioned (and actually fairly revolting-tasting) brand had I seen it! Cheers for the heads-up, what utter rot!

    Personally I’m happy to settle for someone who can remember to double-lock the front door…

    • To be fair to Carlsberg it wasn’t their poll (some lads’ mag or dating site thing I think). But judging by their adverts, I can imagine them churning out that kind of woman…

      • Velocity Girl

        I’m reasonably certain they once did an advert along those very lines but can’t find any evidence on youtube – perhaps for the best, I suspect…