Casualty: The new, calm, touchy-feely Jeff

(Series 25, Ep.15) Sometimes even a man of Zen-like calm can be pushed over the top. When the man is Jeff the paramedic with the lovely teeth, and the Zen-like calm is a recently applied self-help fix for work-related stress, you know a meltdown is going to come eventually.

He lost it in fine style, turning from meditating medic to high-visibility-clad avenger to take on a gang of thugs.

The story carried on from the previous episode, which saw the actor previously known as Sinbad from Brookside and Jerry Morton from Corrie (Michael Starke) being terrorised by a gang of Holby’s many disenfranchised youth. When he was particularly brutally attacked (I’ll spare the details because you might be eating) he blamed Jeff for (a) telling the police about the gang previously and (b) not responding to his call for help because he was listening to his meditation music and didn’t hear his phone, and tried to kill himself.

Jeff also blamed himself, and went in search of the gang leader, a scrawny youth of the sort that Jeremy Kyle particularly enjoys shouting at. Handily, the thug was busy dousing Sinbad’s flat in petrol. Also handily, Jeff had Dr Zoe Hanna’s lighter with him, because he’d fancied a fag earlier in the shift. He grabbed the petrol can, gave the kid a liberally soaking and dabbed a bit behind his own ears (you have to admire his style – I doubt even Clint Eastwood would have thought of that), and produced the lighter. What Jeff knew, and the kid didn’t, was that the lighter wasn’t working, and the point was to scare the kid till he wet himself rather than actually torch anyone (least of all Jeff himself). Jeff’s no fool.

Though he may be reassessing that last point now, because when he returned the lighter to Zoe she managed to spark up a ciggy with it no problem. Yikes!

Meanwhile, a patient convinced Lenny (in the way that patients are used merely to illuminate the personal lives of the staff) that he ought to come clean and admit to his sister that he wasn’t a bone marrow match for her. The problem was, he couldn’t bring himself to do it, and she currently thinks he’s quite literally a life-saver. Not sure how Lenny is going to get out of this one.

Mads had a similarly illuminating patient, an elderly lady from Pakistan. Her home remedies gave Mads a Proustian moment as she recaptured the smell of her mother’s dressing table, and the lady also dished out some home-grown, parental wisdom along the lines of find a nice Pakistani man to marry, and don’t be led astray by that Dr Zoe Hanna.  Mads, however, knows her own mind, and decided that a night at the pub with the rest of the cast (minus Dr Ruth Winters, obviously) would be a fine way to spend an evening. My goshes, she’ll be asking to borrow Zoe’s lighter next.

Next time: Lenny drags Yuki into a desperate and somewhat unethical search for bone marrow.

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