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Holby City: Knowing when to keep your mouth shut

(Series 13, Ep.9) Everything is falling to pieces for Connie Beauchamp. At one point in this episode she found herself on a stairwell being berated by Irish Dr Greg for betraying Elliott Hope, Elliott coming up the stairs to add to the berations in his sad, mournful way, and her father appearing at the top of the stairs clutching a bleeding wound as he’d gone walkabout not long after an operation.

When a person has a façade that’s as controlled and controlling as Connie’s, the natural assumption when she seems to have sold a colleague’s career down the river and seems to be impervious to her ill father’s increasing confusion is to think – what a bitch. The tragedy is that we’re aware of how hard she battled to save Elliott’s career, and we’re allowed to see the pain in her face that she hides from her colleagues as she struggles with her father’s illness (there were some truly upsetting scenes), but she doesn’t let these feelings show to others.

Meanwhile, Young Dr Oliver Valentine (or “Boy Valentine,” as Michael Spence calls him) was being incompetent again, messing up in surgery, messing up with patients’ relatives and messing up suturing someone’s face. He took the credit for a nice bit of facial needlework carried out by his sister Beautiful Dr Penny (“Girl Valentine”), so Michael Spence gave him another one to do. He proved to be as good at stitching as I am, and I was banned from the needlework room at school for breaking several sewing machines – by accident, I hasten to add. Goth Nurse Frieda had to help him out. “Where did you learn to do this?” Michael asked her admiringly, after he’d finished being growly because she shouldn’t really have been doing it at all. “Not rocket science,” she shrugged. Goth Nurse Frieda’s stock with Michael is rising, but the same can’t be said about Boy Valentine, who has a lot to learn.

And the weirdest/cutest thing happened. The Radiant Donna had brought a singing snowman toy onto the ward, but after a practical joke by Sacha she dumped it in a bin. Henrik Hanssen took a bit of a fancy to it, and at the end we saw him driving off from the hospital with the snowman sitting in the passenger seat of his car – with the seatbelt on. That man really is a heap of contradictions, and I’m looking forward to finding out more about him.

Next week we’re promised Chrissie having a meltdown, Penny getting into trouble with Michael, and Faye getting all schemey with Joseph.

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