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Casualty: Don’t you start on Dr Zoe Hanna now, missy

(Series 25, Ep.14) Dr Ruth Winters is really trying my patience now. I understand her need to hide her vulnerability, really I do. I get that she lashes out at people who might hurt her because attack is her best form of defence. Heck, I’ve forgiven her so many times when she’s broken Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren’s heart. Repeatedly. And I revere that man.

But when she starts on Dr Zoe Hanna, she goes too far. And she didn’t even criticise Zoe for spending too long on fag breaks or having outrageously shiny hair and looking oh-so-voluptuous in a pencil skirt. Oh no, she actually criticised her doctoring skills. Apparently more patients die under the care of Dr Zoe than at the hands of any other A&E doctor. Revealing this statistic in a staff meeting was designed to undermine Zoe’s confidence, and it did – particularly as two more people died in resus on Zoe’s watch that very morning.

It took Mads to point out that if you take the most critically ill patients, then by definition you’re going to end up with a few deaths on your hands, but you’re also going to save a lot of people as well, and Zoe’s record in this respect is second to none.

Hurrah! So what had been a bad shift for Zoe ended up quite good when a patient she was looking after named her baby Zoe in honour of “the doctor who helped us.” Sadly the new mum was an illegal immigrant, and as the credits rolled she was preparing to abandon baby Zoe in A&E, hoping this would give her a better chance in life. Maybe Zoe will end up adopting her, and Nick and the two Zoe’s will live together as a cosy family unit?

Lenny was hoping his bone marrow would give his newly-reconciled-with sister a better chance in life, as she needs a transplant. He spent the episode coming to terms with the fact that he’d been put into care as a baby and she hadn’t, but once that was sorted out in his head he made the discovery that his bone marrow isn’t a match for her anyway.

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