I’m a Celebrity: fainting ninnies & lost sheep

There is so much to enjoy in this year’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. The silly, hand- waving, shrieking ninny that is Gillian ‘show me your poo’ McKeith being forced to do tasks. Two kick-ass older women in the form of Britt Ekland and Jenny Eclair. A really fine young woman, Stacey Solomon, fearlessly taking on Linford Christie for his outrageous chauvinism. Shaun Ryder snoozing on his hammock. I’m even drawn to Nigel Havers for combining sneering rudeness and über poshness with some aplomb.

There’s also the more vapid presence of centrefold Kayla, there for her bikini wearing skills presumably, and the irksome lost sheep, Lembit Opik. He is clearly in search of a new career, but after seeing him on Come Dine With Me (rubbish food, and entirely self deluded about it) and this, he’s not doing himself any favours. I wouldn’t employ him on a checkout. Nor is ‘Dr’ McKeith improving her popularity with the viewing public one iota. It’s beyond me why she agreed to do the programme in the first place. Has she never seen it? I wouldn’t want to be around those bugs (or other people) either, but then, even if I ever became a low level celeb, I’d know not put myself forward for a show like this.

She’s neurotic and silly, with a trait shared by Opik that I loathe most in people – a total lack of self awareness. I have no sympathy with her for being repeatedly voted for to do the bushtucker trial because she is such a total ‘mare in every sense. Serve her bloody right for sitting in hatchet faced judgement on so many people in her career. And the fact that, when she’s doing a task, she swoons every time like one of those fainting goats is beginning to make me think she fancies the chap that revives her.

But despite these gems, so far, there’s something missing in the programme. I think having male and female celebrities start off by being split into two camps (Bruce and Sheila) didn’t help, because it messed with the development of an interesting group dynamic. The memorable bits for me from past years are when the most unexpected relationships/friendships form (George ‘Mr Zulu’ Takei and Joe Swash, for example).

But there’s still time. And while we’re waiting, we can take bets on how long it will take before the rest of the camp cracks and eats Gillian McKeith.

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15 responses to “I’m a Celebrity: fainting ninnies & lost sheep

  1. I dunno, not much meat on her though.

  2. inkface

    Bit chewy and sour I fear too…

  3. pippa baker

    Dear God! how much more of this wingeing, whining, woman if i may use the word. i have nursed many elderly ladies in their 80’s and 90’s all of which have had more dignity, courage and aplomb to them than this shivering wreck, who i personally feel is ‘ playing to the cameras’ of course she is going to holler and scream at everylittle living thing, this gives her the majority of ‘Air time’ than her fellow contestants, who i am sure are all totally fed up with her, GO HOME GILLIAN!!! why are you there? if it is so awful and difficult to cope with, I would have packed my rucksack and called it a day. I read on another blog that she is a discrace to ‘woman kind’ i have to agree. thank god we are not all like this.

  4. inkface

    Indeed, Pippa. And her ghastliness makes me feel so much better about my own slack eating habits, at which she would sneer most haughtily. If I ate ‘healthily’ I might end up like her…

  5. pippa baker

    P.S. I should have said’ elderly ladies who have more B—-cks!!! than Gillian McKieth has had to eat on this programme!!!

  6. pippa baker

    Dear Inkface. Absolutely, give me my lovely sunday breakfast,too and let the egg run down my chin, who the hell would seriously want to look so emmaciated like her. I watched her last night during her trial, and honestly she was doddering and screaming around like some frail being, and i think you may have a point there! I reckon she does fancy ‘Dr Bob’!! maybe he is good at C.P.R
    (but don’t forget! you must pull your shirt down!) I must admit after 40 years of frontline nursing I have yet to find a fainting patient who gives a damn about whether their t-shirt is riding up. and did you notice that she even smiled during this event, ( couldn’t have been that unconcious).

  7. ringo 67

    is this woman for real (mckieth) she could not even use the crane???? because of a worm on the floor .

  8. inkface

    Pippa I enjoyed egg dribbling down my chin too. Ringo 67, I’m now hard pushed to say if she’s real or not. I genuinely have no idea why what she’s doing on this show either. But hey, worms can be scary..if you’re BARKING

  9. Velocity Girl

    After her crane antics (or noticeable lack thereof), guess I can add “Re-lay My Patio” to my list of “Stuff I Never Want Gillian McKeith To Ever Do”. It fits nicely between “Continue to Appear on Television”, “Tell Me I Am Slowly Killing Myself With E-Numbers” (ta Gill but it’s my lifestyle choice and I’m sticking with it) and “Panto in Hastings”.

    • pauseliveaction

      I have to admire her “can’t do” attitude. When told the next trial was something to do with diggers, her immediate reaction was to whinge “I can’t dig…”

    • inkface

      Do you watch this then VG? I thought I’d heard tell you were less than keen on this sort of cheap, tawdry televisual viewing…

      • Velocity Girl

        PLA – That made me chuckle lots! A woman whose Get Up And Go was clearly Never Even There In The First Place. Except when rummaging amongst the effluence of others. *shudders*

        Inkface – In my defence, it was on in the background in order to distract me during a telephone conversation with my mother – read into that what you will… Have just watched University Challenge followed by Only Connect in an attempt to resume normal service at VG Towers!

  10. inkface

    I secretly (tho’ not secretly now, obv) quite like her mad refusenik qualities too. It’s bizarrely admirable because she is so hated and I thought she’d have gone by now. And the fainting is so pantomime. Maybe it’s all a joke?

    I gather Nigel Havers has gone, sadly. Maybe he was missing Audrey?

  11. ringo67

    why dont they have a challenge where you have to be up to your neck in human **it? i bet good old gill would probably dive in head first

  12. ringo67

    just switched I’m a celebrity will i be slagging gill off “i wounder”