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Holby City: The see-sawing world of the Valentine siblings

(Series 13, Ep.5) I’ve noticed that the gorgeous Valentine siblings (Young Dr Oliver Valentine and The Beautiful Dr Penny Valentine) are not capable of both having a good day on the same day. When it’s Dr Oliver’s turn to shine, Penny’s usually busy being caught out shagging her patients. When Pen’s having a good day, Ollie is spending his time almost killing people.

Last night Penny – eventually – had a good shift, when Michael Spence finally got round to writing the report on her AAU rotation, and it was somewhat glowing. Well, she deserves it – she’s been running that place single-handed since Linden got distracted then killed. In recent weeks she hasn’t even had Goth Nurse Frieda to hold her hand.

Meanwhile, Oliver was having a bit of a ‘mare. He was looking after a young boy with a very bad heart problem, who was also an illegal immigrant. The boy’s only hope of survival was to have a heart transplant, but since he wasn’t in the country legally he would be on the B list for transplant – ie no hope at all. So his mother came up with a desperate plan – she would abandon him while immigration officer Angela Harris from Corrie was out having a fag and Dr Oliver “made a cup of coffee.” He’d then be placed in the care of our glorious state and would have more of a chance to get the heart he needed.

You can see Dr Oliver’s dilemma, and you could also see why he agreed to the plan and pootled off to the staff kitchen as instructed. Sadly what he’d failed to do was show Elliott a scan which revealed that it was too late for even a transplant to work, and the boy had only hours to live. Hours now spent without his mother. Poor Dr Oliver could only hold the boy’s hand and try and be comforting, which meant staring at him with moist, soulful eyes.

And Henrik Hanssen constructed a self-assembly bookshelf. Well, he is Swedish.

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