Carpool – my second favourite chat show

I first started watching Carpool on the internet. Robert Llewellyn (aka Kryten in Red Dwarf) has been interviewing interesting people in his Toyota Prius and posting the resulting video on his Llewtube website for some time. I highly recommend checking it out – as well as remembering to watch Carpool on Thursday evenings (Dave at 8.30pm).

I don’t watch a lot of chat shows. If I’m honest before Carpool transferred to ‘proper telly’ I only watched Graham Norton. There is much to love about Carpool, not least that people aren’t there to plug their latest book/CD/film/whatever. And we don’t even have to worry about unnecessary car journeys – Robert interviews people on journeys they’d be taking anyway (which seems to be why he often ends up at the BBC). And of course the Prius is a pretty eco-friendly choice of vehicle.

By putting passengers in an incredibly intimate setting the result is about as close as you’re going to get to a candid, yet public, conversation with some fascinating people.

The transfer to TV has positives and negatives of course. The picture and sound quality is massively improved, but there is lots more editing going on so you don’t get unexpedited conversation anymore.

But Robert Llewellyn is an engaging interviewer and, like the bosses at Dave, I think Carpool deserves a wider audience. Seatbelts on, hand brake off – see you next Thursday?

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