Spooks: “My name isn’t Lucas North. My name’s John”

(Series 9, Ep.7) The Lucas/John plot has been simmering along for this entire series – slightly irritatingly, it must be said, until last week, when it started to come to the boil rather spectacularly.

That the stakes were higher than a very high thing could be gleaned by the expression on Lucas’s face as he held a dying woman in his arms, watching her bleed to death and letting it happen rather than risk her revealing any more about him.

This week, everything unravelled for him. Ruth was already suspicious (don’t you feel the country is in safe hands as long as Ruth is on duty at Thames House 24 hours a day? Without her, I fear we’re lost as everyone else in Section D is just a tiny bit less competent). It was time for Harry to give “Lucas” a bit of a face-to-face staff appraisal. Being MI5, this took place in a deserted warehouse-looking-thing. Harry employed his contemptuous stare to maximum effect, and Lucas ‘fessed all. He’d been, back when he was John,  an unwitting part of a bombing of the British Embassy in Dakar in which many people had been killed. The real brains behind the operation was Vaughn, who had killed John’s mate (and MI5 wannabe) Lucas North so that John could assume his identity.

Bad enough, but was this the entire truth? It wasn’t Vaughn’s version. Vaughn had Maya handcuffed in a cellar somewhere, but was slowly bleeding to death himself because Lucas had stabbed him in the leg during a friendly chat in a park (Ros would have been proud). Vaughn’s version of events was that Lucas/John had built and planted the bomb, fully aware of what he was doing, and had killed Lucas North himself with his own bare hands.

Who to believe? And what motivated John then, and Lucas now? And what has Albany got to do with it all? As usual with Spooks, I’m left with more questions than answers, which is why I love it so much.

Meanwhile, in a side plot Ruth was embroiled in a plot to assassinate a mafia boss, and showed that when push comes to shove she’s as handy with a gun as the next spook. But where Ruth differs from Lucas (at least from the Lucas we’ve been seeing recently) is her humanity. She told Harry that she’s numb to the effects her actions have, and is even beyond grieving for her dead partner. This is how she carries on. But Ruth recognises the unnaturalness of this, she feels the pain of normal people caught up in abnormal situations.

Next week: the hunter becomes the hunted, as the search is on for Lucas North. A name which, by the way, suits him far more than plain ol’ “John.”

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9 responses to “Spooks: “My name isn’t Lucas North. My name’s John”

  1. OMG. That was a-ma-zing. As Craig Revel-Horwood would say.
    Ruth and Harry are the beating heart of Spooks, long may they survive the weekly acts of violence visited upon them by the writers.
    I don’t know if it’s just the bad hair they’ve inflicted upon him, but I’m ready to see Lucas get his comeuppance and a new bit of male totty shuffle onto the Grid. The new boy’s going to need plenty of charisma though, Beth’s character is terribly pallid and Dimitri has been underused so far. God, I miss Ros…

    • pauseliveaction

      I miss Ros. Every time I write something like “Ros would have been proud,” I realise how much of a gap she’s left.

      I was trying to think who could replace Lucas, and the only person I could think of with the requisite charisma is Tim Roth, but that’s possibly because I’m a bit obsessed with Lie To Me at the moment (in the way I got obsessed by Spooks in series 7).

      • Someone (on the Grauniad blog) has suggested Vincent Reagan may become a permanent fixture after helping Harry track down Lucas/John (or Jean-Luc as some wit on Cif has dubbed him) next week. Not sure I like that plan.
        Top of my eye-candy/alpha-male candidate list would be Rufus Sewell (natch) and Paterson Joseph. What do we think of Benedict Cumberbatch (as long as it doesn’t get in the way of Sherlock)?

      • pauseliveaction

        BC is too weird-looking. Don’t know VR. Don’t like RS. PJ is ok.

        If I can’t have Tim Roth, could I have Rob James-Collier? I think he’s proved on Downton Abbey that he’s more than a pretty face. And, speaking of faces, I’m a tiny bit in love with Joe Absolom since he was on 71 Degrees North (he has Malcolm McDowell eyes). I reckon he could be a very plausible Spook.

  2. Blasphemy! Heresy! You don’t like Rufus? (The LPS will be all over me for overuse of exclamation marks, but I don’t care! (!!))
    On a more serious note, how about Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins? Bet they’d still kick AQ/French/Chinese/Russian/rogue-American butt…

    • pauseliveaction

      I just discovered Rufus and I share a birthday, so he can’t be all bad. But he doesn’t ring my bells, no. Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins? In Spooks? Behave yourself, Ms Hat.

  3. I want Lucas back !!!!!! Still in mourning for Adam, Ros and Zaf…why does this show put us poor viewers through all this !
    I kept watching the last episode waiting for a last minute twist to keep Lucas in….but….sob….it didn’t happen….wail !

  4. keely

    I learned to love Lucas since Adam is gone and now he’s gone too. I miss Ros and Jo too, everyone is gone.
    I don’t like ending the season, there’s always someone dying.
    I cried when Adam got killed.

    • pauseliveaction

      The Adam getting killed episode was the first time I watched Spooks. It should have prepared me for the fact that no-one lasts long on Spooks.