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Waterloo Road: Where’s Pious Kim Campbell when you need her?

(Series 6, Ep.8) I never thought I’d say this, but I’m missing Pious Kim Campbell, and I think the school is missing her as well. In every episode this series there’s been at least one person in need of her finely-honed student support skills (by which I mean her ability to peer intensely at them while beating herself up about not picking up on their problem earlier in the episode).

This week it was the turn of Vicki MacDonald and her lovely eyebrows to suffer in the name of entertainment. Father in a coma following a stroke, mother God knows where, living in a hostel with a hostile room-mate, it was no wonder Vicki’s schoolwork was suffering. The ace up Vicki’s sleeve was that she knows all about what went on between Deputy Head Chris Mead and headmistress’s daughter Jess Fisher; hence she was in a good position to blackmail Mr Mead to adjust her grades when she fluffed an exam.

The scriptwriter piled on the misery for poor Vicki – her classmates found out about her homelessness and were less than sympathetic. I found this a tad implausible – for example Ronan Burley only a few weeks ago was sticking his neck out to do the right thing for his girlfriend, and then stood up to his thug of a father, but was quite happy to be horrible to a girl because she was living in a hostel. Then Vicki was thrown out of the hostel when her nasty room-mate framed her, and then her dad died.

Sitting alone and miserable in a cafe, things looked bleak for Vicki, until the nasty room-mate turned up and gave her some good advice – she should turn to the people who cared about her. Vicki called Jess, who turned up with Chris Mead to get her and take her to a much nicer hostel that Chris knew about.

While all this was going on, Grantly’s wife Fleur (who has Alzheimer’s) was convinced strangers were trying to steal her “nice things.” Grantly is doing his best to help her by himself, labelling everything, leaving meals for her, but it’s obviously not enough. She ended up attacking him thinking he was a burglar, and running out into the road and almost getting run over. It’s clear she needs more help than Grantly can provide, but as she begged him not to put her in a home, he’ll try to carry on.

Ruby Fry is the only person who knows about Grantly’s situation, but she was preoccupied this week with looking after baby Poppy. As predicted, though, Janeece is starting to regret giving Poppy up to the Frys. “Just between us,” she whispered to the baby, “I’m calling you Cheryl.”

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