Holby City: The last of Linden

(Series 12, Ep.55) The episode started at the end, as Holby often does, with Joseph and Dr Penny Valentine looking on in shock as paramedics covered up a body in the hospital garden. Then the action went back to seven hours previously. Who was the dead person? It would have been a mystery if the Sky EPG hadn’t already helpfully informed me it was Linden (grrr!).

So Linden Cullen met his end by being cracked over the head with a vodka bottle, wielded by a heroin addict. It was all Faye’s fault – she’d been stroppy and unsympathetic with the junkie (who also had a heart problem) and had him thrown out of the hospital. Belatedly, Linden had realised that you can’t trust a word that Faye says. Joseph has been telling him this for months.

Maybe we can also blame Linden’s habit of ducking into the hospital chapel – that’s where he was when he was supposed to be on the ward giving the junkie some methadone. Whenever Linden has a problem he always rushes to the hospital chapel.

He started his Holby career by being rather splendidly enigmatic and tortured. He was a man who held a secret anguish: he was closed-off, unapproachable, staunchly moral and somewhat repressed. As such he was fabulously attractive, in a Thorn Birds kind of way. There’s nothing a girl likes more than a challenge, and several people, including the late-lamented Maddy, tried to crack his holy facade.

No woman got close until he fell for the icy charms of Faye Byrne. Loving Faye came with a double dollop of guilt for Linden – not only was he still in love with his late wife Olivia, but Faye was married to Joseph. The Olivia problem was sorted out when her ghost gave him permission to stop feeling guilty about her death and move on with his life. The Joseph problem was a little messier, and Linden got thumped a few times for his pains. Was Faye worth it? You’d have to say no.

So Linden has gone (read Duncan Pow’s farewell to Holby here), but Holby life goes on. The immediate future isn’t looking too good for Michael Spence, who failed to take his kids to Alton Towers and ended up decking Ric Griffin in front of half the hospital and his own children. Not big, not clever, and he’s now been suspended for that, and for falsifying the figures for Holby Care. Connie is now sole and glorious Director of Surgery – until next week, at least.

And what will the future bring for Goth Nurse Frieda? Dr Penny is very keen for Frieda to get the necessary papers to become a doctor in the UK (she’s already a doctor in her home country of the Ukraine). Frieda was happily agreeing, but that was because she was in a good mood with Dr Pen because she had a date arranged with Pen’s brother Young Dr Oliver. Unfortunately it wasn’t exactly a “date” that Young Dr Oliver had in mind, more a couple of after-work mojitos. Frieda did not react very well. She’s quite scary when she’s angry.

Posted by a grieving PLA (what with Linden and Billie Jackson off of EastEnders, all in the space of two days)    More Holby posts here

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