Spooks: How to turn an asset

(Series 9, Ep.4) This was just the kind of Spooks episode I like. Lots of split-screen, edge-of-the-seat type stuff. Lucas and Dmitri abseiling down the side of the Chinese Embassy; Lucas’s tattoos (I know, I’m shallow, I admit it); clandestine meetings on park benches; Dmitri defusing a very big bomb in the back of a truck. “It’s my first time,” he admitted cheerfully to Tariq, but luckily he’d brought his lighter with him because it was just what he needed to melt an essential component.

The plot turned on Beth’s attempts to turn an asset from the Chinese Embassy, which happily coincided with a plan to do away with a Chinese scientist who’d invented an end to water shortages worldwide. Honestly, it puts you off trying to invent globally important stuff when, no sooner have you cracked it, someone somewhere will want to kill you. That’s why I’ve made no recent progress with my musical wardrobe for the blind (shhhh!).

Like Dmitri and his bomb defusing, Beth was a virgin at asset turning. Her colleagues advised her to go with her instincts, which looked to be fairly dodgy as it seemed her asset was working for the other side. He turned out to be a triple agent, who was working for the Chinese unwittingly by being bugged, so that’s a big hurrah for Beth’s instincts. And Tariq’s lie detector.

Ruth got to leave the office for a while, as her linguistic skills (Mandarin is fine, but her Cantonese is just cringeworthy, apparently) made her ideal to go undercover in the Chinese Embassy. She was still there when news of a bomb threat came through. Harry told her to leave the Embassy immediately – he looked all worried and upset, bless him. Ruth, as well as being fluent in just about every language and being like human Google (you’d want her on your pub quiz team) also has balls of steel and wasn’t about to leave till she’d found her scientist.

Meanwhile, Lucas was attempting to sort out his messy former life (which has something to do with China) by supplying Vaughn with a very top secret file from MI5’s computer. To get this he had to steal the identity of a junior (disposable) colleague. To cover his tracks he also transferred a lot of money, so it looked like the colleague was only trying to commit fraud. The fact that Lucas was able to shrug off destroying this person’s life should tell us that the stakes are very high. Is Lucas this season’s Connie?

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  1. And we also had the added bonus of the delicious Colin Salmon. I’d share a bag of chips with him anyday… Hope they’re going to be using him a little more.
    All in all, top-notch Spookiness I thought.

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