Waterloo Road: Destroying a W of pie

(Series 6, Ep.7) Front and centre in this episode was Harry Fisher’s bulimia, which up till now has been a secret shared only between him and us. When he told his mum that sister Jess was planning to spend the night with school bad boy Finn Sharkey and Jess was grounded, Finn decided to take bullying of Harry to new levels (as a side note, what was Harry doing in the same classes as Finn and Josh? Aren’t they older than him?). This culminated in Harry experimentally trying to drown himself during a swimming lesson, but not before he’d snarfed a considerable quantity of quiche which Ruby Fry had lovingly fashioned into the initials “WR” to celebrate the inter-schools debating competition.

Of course, it all had to come out (which I realise could be construed as a tasteless pun, given the subject matter), and Karen went into guilt-and-blame overdrive. She mainly blamed husband Charlie for running off with Maggie from Casualty (who was at Waterloo Road for the inter-schools debating comp, so was very much in the faces of the Fisher family this week). Jess and Harry mainly blamed Karen, for her obsessive hero-worship of missing daughter Bex. They do have a point.

While Karen’s anguish  occupies large swathes of screen time, you badly need some comic relief, and this was provided by (the very wonderful) Ronan Burley. Now he’s got rid of nasty dad Martin Kemp he can get back to ducking and diving, wheeling and dealing like a Rochdale Del Boy. He set up a betting scam on the inter-schools debating comp which could only fail if he himself won. The topic to be debated was school uniforms, and Ronan took the “actions speak louder than words” approach by doing a striptease (or rather “a badly debated point through the medium of interpretative dance,” as he styled it) rather than actually debate. And very flexible he is, too. On whose planet did he think that this wouldn’t be a crowd pleaser? Presumably he was hoping to be disqualified, but as young Ruth Kirby bottled it, it was either let Ronan win or let the trophy go to a rival school.

The reason Ruth bottled it was because her father puts too much pressure on her to be a genius. She finally got the courage to tell him to stuff his Mensa membership. “Laters!” she told him. “That’s not a word!” he yelled – nice to see that some teachers have standards. “It’s my word,” replied Ruth.

And Janeece gave birth to her baby. It was a girl. Prior to the birth she’d decided if it was a girl she’d call her Cheryl, and if it was a boy she’d call it Cole. You can see a theme there. Turned out it was a girl, and Ruby Fry wants to call her Poppy. Poor Janeece – only moments after giving birth she was already apparently out of the charmed circle that was the new Fry family unit.

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10 responses to “Waterloo Road: Destroying a W of pie

  1. Our Man In The North

    Another great episode, I thought.
    I never rated the young lad, Harry as an actor, I found him wooden before but for the most part, he pulled off this episode well.

  2. Lollzie

    Felt so sorry for Harry in this episode, and yes Harry is the same age as Josh and Finn, but the actors who play those two are 19 and 2o the person who plays Harry is only 14. I remember wondering that myself in the first few episodes but soon found out that. Am far to curious for my own good 😛

    • pauseliveaction

      Is Harry supposed to be younger than Jess, then? I assumed he was. It’s odd that she even contemplated going out with Finn if he’s younger, especially as she has a taste for older men!

    • saffronatstudy

      And have you noticed that all the boys with a good storyline have opted for GCSE food technology?!

  3. Lollzie

    yeah Harry’s in Yr 11 and Jess is in Yr 12

  4. I’m so glad I don’t watch WR, as a teacher I know that I’d be constantly ripping it apart!

    • Our Man In The North


      As a teacher too, I constantly am.
      But I still love it, you just learn to push aside the realism issue. I still find myself unable to stop shouting ‘that would NEVER happen!’ though!

  5. saffronatstudy

    ‘They’ll make lovely house-husbands one day, bless them.’

    Or in Josh’s case, unless he’s just going through a Finn-phase, a civil partner…
    Did you know that in urban China modern mothers encourage their sons to learn to cook so that they can get themselves a good wife?!

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