Spooks: Sometimes you have to do what’s necessary, Harry

(Series 9, Ep.3) Did Harry cock up by allowing rogue terrorist Aibek to escape from a scene where the FSB were dealing somewhat harshly (ie spot executions) with his colleagues? Or was he simply being decent and British?

Either way, Aibek ended up running around London looking for a secret cache of paroxocybin, a substance that could be used for great good but would probably be used for great evil if anyone with pernicious intent got hold of it.

For a while it looked like he already had it (he was carrying a cool-bag – you have to keep paroxocybin frozen, otherwise, like a carton of Ben and Jerry’s, it will go off quite spectacularly).  Cue one of those tense chases through the London underground that I enjoy watching so much, with Lucas, Beth and Dmitri and a FSB agent who’d been attached to MI5 all hurtling around muttering tensely at Tariq through tiny microphones.

Aibek evaded Britain’s (and Russia’s) finest, and pitched up in the office of a scientist who’d been hanging on to a little supply of the coveted chemical because of it’s potential for positive use. A bit of a beating later he still refused to ‘fess up where it was being kept. Aibek turned his attention to the scientist’s daughter, also a scientist, almost drowning her until Lucas etc turned up in the nick of time. Aibek was apprehended, but the nasty FSB officer killed the scientist’s daughter – because the Russians wanted the nasty stuff.

It all got complicated after that, with Aibek being used as a decoy to sort the nasty Russian out. All was well that ended well, and the deadly substance was taken away to live in a big fridge at Porton Down.

As a little postscript, the mysterious Vaughn pitched up to mutter mysterious things at Lucas. It’s time Lucas changed his route home, as Vaughn seems to be able to pop up with alarming regularity. Maya came to see Lucas at his home. He told her that the reason he hadn’t been in touch for eight years was that he’d been in prison. When we left them, he looked about to reveal his prison tattoos to her – lucky, lucky Maya.

Posted by PLA       (who loves Spooks but is frequently confused by it)


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6 responses to “Spooks: Sometimes you have to do what’s necessary, Harry

  1. inkface

    Love your honesty there PLA (comment about being confused I mean). Reassuring!

  2. pauseliveaction

    I’d soon be outed by seriously hardcore Spooks watchers if I didn’t.

  3. pauseliveaction

    I’d just like to add something to this post, which is this – Lucas really needs to get something done about his garden. He’s got this massive window looking out on it, and all there is to see is a patch of grass and a manky little blue shed. Not good enough, Lucas. What about a few nasturtiums in pots? They hardly need any upkeep, and the butterflies love them. Just saying.

  4. I thought the same thing about the shed. And the tattoos!

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