Ultimate Big Brother: Welcome back to the house of fun

There’s nothing I like on Big Brother more than a bit of True Romance. Which is why I stopped watching during the Josie/John James nonsense. Romance? Fauxmance, showmance, nomance. Josie is probably not as horrible as I think she is, but she’s certainly not as “lovely” as her Big Brother legend has recently portrayed her (conveniently forgetting the almighty strops, sulks and manipulative behaviour that reduced Caoimhe to tears more than once).

Anyway, she’s gone (hurrah!) which means I can enjoy Ultimate Big Brother properly now. And there’s a lot to enjoy. Nadia, for a start. There’s a woman who tells it like it is, but not to the point of cruelty. Then there’s the tragedy of Chantelle and Preston. She obviously loves the bones of him (and what’s not to love?), and they’re both really sad about the end of their marriage. Will he end up having to get the tattoo of his current girlfriend’s name lasered off his leg? Watch this space. Or rather, watch the space on Preston’s leg.

Brian Dowling is a less shrieky, more confident version of his former self, but he’s still reliable for a bitchy comment. John McCririck is totally cringeworthy, but sometimes (like when he demolished Makosi’s entire religious belief system with a few well-chosen words) he’s quite fabulous.

Apparently Michelle “No naked jacuzzis!” Bass and someone called Victor (I vaguely remember him) are supposed to be going in to a secret room tonight, to join the house proper at some point.  Add in a choice bit of meddling by the Tree of Temptation, and it’s all brewing up very nicely.

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2 responses to “Ultimate Big Brother: Welcome back to the house of fun

  1. inkface

    Was she the one who murdered Pie Jesu? Reckon those two will be trying to kill each other in the bedsit within a day at most

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