Holby City: Dead man walking

It was Beautiful Dr Penny Valentine’s first day as an F2! Hurrah! Elliott gave her some balloons to celebrate. He’s lovely, is Elliott. Then Penny proceeded to fill the day with the kind of ninja-level doctoring that makes you wince and gasp at the same time – a bit of cardiocentesis here, a little chest drain there. And, following a pep talk by the aforementioned Elliott, even Frieda was being nice(ish) to her.

Meanwhile, the rivalry between Michael Spence and Ric Griffin gathered momentum. Ric discovered traces of cocaine on Michael’s desk and stormed off to find him. Michael was in the middle of an operation – not ideal when you’re off your box on Class A drugs. Ric tried to be subtle. “I found something on your desk.” Michael wasn’t into subtlety, what with being coked-up, cocky and cuckolded. “You found something in my house,” he counter-accused. He meant lollipop-headed Annalese, having discovered that she’d had a fling with Ric.

Ric could have had Michael struck off for his druggy behaviour, but Ric is, by his own admission, a “dead man walking,” as his cancer has spread to his liver. He didn’t want to take Michael’s career down, because Holby needs good doctors in tight trousers.

Doctors don’t come any better, or more handsome, than The World’s Most Beautiful Heart Surgeon, Joseph Byrne. I was speculating how very good he would look with a touch of guyliner, and thinking that he’d make a darn good vampire. But I digress. When Faye was rushed off to Obs & Gynae after she came over all woozly, Joseph rushed after her, concerned for the future Baby Byrne. Faye has been keeping him at the length of a couple of arms recently, but he was so adorable and concerned – and Linden was so Not There – that she was actually pleasant to him for a change and even let him feel her bump (good of her, since earlier he’d had to watch from the margins as half the hospital copped a feel of Faye’s bump). And she’s agreed to take the test to find out if Baby Byrne will have the same disability as the late Archie.

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2 responses to “Holby City: Dead man walking

  1. inkface

    ‘coked-up, cocky and cuckolded’ You should be a red-top sub PLA!

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