Lustbox: Sam Axe

I can only blame my lack of enthusiasm for zombie films for keeping Bruce Campbell off my radar until now. I’m told that he had plenty of female pulses racing back in the day when he was younger and thinner.

I may get round to checking out those young and thin days, but in the meantime I am totally loving today’s snarky and charismatic model as seen in the guise of Burn Notice’s Sam Axe.

Sam’s loyal, laid back, kickass, funny, smart and happy to exploit his charms to get whatever info or favours his buddy needs. It makes me wish I had some top secret intel that Michael desperately needs to get his hands on…

Even Sam’s awareness of his own charms (Mikey: I could kiss you. Sam: Get in line…) is part of his allure.

The only bad thing I can say about Sam is that his personal taste in shirts does him no justice at all. Stick that man in a suit, and a brief spell in the PLA fridge with Inkface’s smelling salts becomes necessary.

Posted by Jo the Hat


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5 responses to “Lustbox: Sam Axe

  1. inkface

    He is lovely I agree. Also agree about the shirts. Mr Inkface thinks someone I work with is a dead ringer for Sam. Want his number?!!!

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