Burn Notice (2.8): In which Fi gets a boyfriend with his own ambulance

Things get a bit tense and dark this week. The hunt for Bill Johnson (another of Carla’s reluctant little helpers) goes on, with much rummaging through trash cans (and the ruining of Sam’s khakis), but more worrying is Larry – a ‘dead’ ex-spy and psycho who wants Michael to assassinate a cancer-care nurse. Nice. Not. Michael takes the job purely so he can nix it. A plan that’s made a little harder by Larry’s promise that if the police come within a mile of the job, he will kill Everybody.

To prevent Jeannie becoming a ‘dead-ee’, Michael has to peel Fi away from her new “brilliant, adorable, paramedic” boyfriend Campbell and get her help finding out who wants Jeannie dead. It turns out to be Drew (Entitled Punk), her rich and comatose husband’s son from his first marriage, pissed off that she’s been written into the will. And to complicate things further Drew has hired two other guys (including his coke dealer) to kill Jeannie too.

Michael goes to considerable lengths to get the job called off, only for Larry to take matters into his own hands. Some slick moves from the team get us to the happy-ish ending, and leave time for Michael to put pieces of the Carla jigsaw together. It’s not looking like a pretty picture.

Reasons to love this episode:

  • The ladies’ room scene with Michael explaining the situation to Jeannie. He can wrap himself round me like that anytime he likes and I promise not to scream…
  • Sam getting hold of Bill Johnson’s military file by sharing some ‘Sam time’ with his buddy: “Hey not all my buddies are guys.”
  • Sam casually counting on his fingers the number of people Larry wants to kill when he learns the job is double-booked.
  • Michael being completely bad-ass with Drew.
  • Madelaine coming up with a cover ID so Michael can get into Bill Johnson’s rented room.
  • The idea that the ‘little pads on the pet’s paws just sucks up [the toxic liquid] like a straw…” and that the vet will take care of the owner too.
  • Michael using a flat-bed truck to stop a dump truck running head-on into the car containing Jeannie and Fi. That really looked like it hurt…
  • Fi on spotting Larry on his way to kill Jeannie: “He’s good. Came out of nowhere. Good-looking too.” Sam: “Yeah, he’s alright I guess. He’s no Campbell though.” Fi: “Who is?”. How Bruce Campbell kept a straight face through that exchange I will never know.

New spy stuff:

  • Laundry bluing is a easy way to blot out secrets and works like a dye pack – staining the skin of people digging through your trash (unless like our Mike and Sam, you wear vinyl gloves, of course).
  • Whatever vehicle you’re trying to take out there are three areas of vulnerability: the driver, the engine and the tyres. A can of paint across the windscreen could blind the driver and a 50mm cannon could kill the engine, but  neither will guarantee the vehicle won’t swerve into oncoming traffic. But if you force the front tyres off the road you drastically reduce the vehicle’s manouevrability.

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2 responses to “Burn Notice (2.8): In which Fi gets a boyfriend with his own ambulance

  1. Electric Dragon

    And let’s not forget:

    You can’t build a bridge out of pain and fear, because it would be structurally unsound.

    • Very true. That and Larry having no friends because he’s killed them all…
      Top notch stuff all of it.
      Normally I’d be irritated as hell that Fiver are showing some Adam Sandler film instead of Burn Notice next week (according to my EPG anyway), but as I’m going to be out of blogging range I guess they’re doing me a favour.

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