Twatbox: Police interceptors (and their many brethren)

Let me make this crystal clear – generally speaking I’m a person who has great respect for the boys (and girls) in blue. They are not being twatboxed. My bile and loathing is reserved for the police officers who feature in Police Interceptors/Road Wars/Traffic Cops/Send in the Dogs and the numerous other variations on this theme.

Whether the producers choose twats, or whether TV cameras turn perfectly decent coppers into twats, it matters not. These programmes are guaranteed to have my blood pressure soaring into stroke-worthy numbers.

It doesn’t seem to occur to the Interceptors and their chums that addressing the people they’ve pulled over as ‘mate’ doesn’t engender the kind of respect that they inevitably demand at some point in the conversation. I’m a pretty mild-mannered chick, but I’m not going to be showing respect to a policeman who starts a conversation by calling me ‘luv’. (I’m probably past ‘Miss’ but ‘Madam’ will be a good start, thanks.)

This bunch don’t use the old ‘Who do you think you are, Lewis Hamilton?” chestnut, but they will deploy a wide range of patronising and sarcastic remarks that certainly wind me up.

You may, reasonably, point out that the people they’ve picked up or pulled over are breaking the law to some greater or lesser extent – but I don’t see how this approach does anything other than pander to the prejudices of the camoflage-wearing viewers and get the director’s juices flowing.

And if all that wasn’t enough to bring on hypertension, they employ ‘geezers’ to provide moronic voiceovers heavy on puns and law and order-related slang, light on information or even entertainment. If the Interceptors’ scriptwriters were writing this, they’d probably finish off by saying “TV like this this [overlong pause] is just plain criminal.” Twats.

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3 responses to “Twatbox: Police interceptors (and their many brethren)

  1. inkface

    Am I right in thinking you felt better for saying that?!

    If so, good. I don’t watch these programmes, but have an inkling that if you do, you are, perhaps, asking for hypertension!!!

    • Inkface: Suffice to say I don’t choose to watch this stuff. It is watched by the XY-chromosoned one at a volume that makes it hard to tune out…
      PLA: Not even Richard Armitage could make Police Interceptors soothing and sexy – but I may check out his basement…

  2. pauseliveaction

    I suggest you calm yourself down by watching Homes From Hell, Jo the Hat. Lots of scenes of flooded basements in Portugal, but all voiced over by the beautiful voice of Richard Armitage. Kind of soothing and sexy at the same time.