Waterloo Road: The cookery teacher finally flips

After a break of about 30 years to allow for the World Cup, Waterloo Road was back on our screens again last night for the first of two episodes this week (the second is tonight). After that the playground gates will be padlocked once again until the next series.

Last night was mainly about the cookery teacher, Ruby. I never enjoyed cookery lessons at school, but I suspect I might have found them more entertaining if our teacher had been more like Ruby. She’s a bit on the edge, is our Rube, self-medicating with drugs purchased on the internet, locking kids in cupboards and developing unhealthy fixations on the head teacher’s fiance.

You can see why Ruby fancies Adam – he’s got ginger hair, like her, and an interest in cookery, like her. It’s a match made in heaven. Sadly, Adam has eyes only for Rachel Mason, and Ruby’s ensuing bout of jealous fury led to her stoving in the top of the wedding cake Adam had just finished icing.

Where was Pious Kim Campbell while all this trauma was going on? She was at home, coping with new baby Dexter, and dumping new boyfriend Chris Mead. Poor Chris Mead – just as well the World Cup intervened, otherwise he’d only have had a week to enjoy the charms of Pious Kim.

School, rather than love, threatened to tear Finn and Amy apart. Following the incident with the spray paint, Amy’s parents have requested that she’s kept away from Finn during school hours. Despite this, Amy and Finn managed to spend most of the episode gazing into each others’ eyes, apart from when Amy was busy helping Ruby wipe wedding cake icing off her wrapover dress.

Tonight it’s the Waterloo Road prom. We’re promised a suicide pact, Rachel and Adam’s wedding, and Billy Corkhill from Brookside. Hurrah!

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2 responses to “Waterloo Road: The cookery teacher finally flips

  1. yikes, please tell me who the black teacher was from the 2011 series

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