Holby City: Doctors love playing God

I’m never any good with a new bit of machinery. Apart from the possible exception of my iPod, no piece of electronic equipment I’ve ever owned has worked properly, exactly as it should, straight out of the box. There’s always a certain amount of tinkering to be done.

Now, either Elliott Hope is a bigger genius than we knew, or the Lung Laser 2000 (or whatever the new piece of kit is called) is completely user-friendly, because no sooner was it out of the cling wrap than he was using it to perform a bit of simultaneous  “resection, coagulation and tissue sealing” on young Footballer Ben. There were the inevitable hiccups, of course. It wouldn’t be proper Holby surgery unless there was a moment when the machines started to bleep and someone yelled “Pressures are dropping!” and/or “We’ve got a bleed!” But, all things considered, and with the help of the glorious Connie, things went off fairly smoothly and Footballer Ben was soon on a trolley on his way back to his whiny mother and a WAG-filled future.

This was such ground-breaking surgery that the rep from the Lung Laser 2000 company showed up to watch it in action, and it was from him that Mark “Jesus” Williams learned that the machine had only been ordered the previous day. Eventually he discovered that Elliott had been swindled out of the charity funds raised for the original machine, and had sold his house to pay for the second. This leaves Jesus with a bit of an administrative headache, and leaves Elliott living in his car with his dog.

Even when Faye Byrne isn’t there, men are still fighting over her, such is her evil sexual power. Joseph and Linden continue to lock horns, though these days it’s about the right to be a father to Faye’s foetus. Joseph is the biological father, but Linden is kind of the sitting tenant of Faye these days, so he’s claiming the moral right to bring the child up. He’s a bit petty, though, that Linden. His dislike of Joseph runs so deep that, even when he had a patient literally dying on his operating table (sats were dropping!) and needed Joseph’s expertise, he wouldn’t let anyone get him. Luckily “anyone” doesn’t include Goth Nurse Frieda, who obeys only her own rules.

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4 responses to “Holby City: Doctors love playing God

  1. Anne of Green Gables

    I love that Goth nurse Freida!

  2. Nightingale

    I just love Elliot he is such a bubbling fool sometimes but his hearts in the right place.

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