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Whatever happened to James Redmond?

He’s the actor I became fond of referring to as “Abs from Casualty,” probably due to his portrayal of the character “Abs” in Casualty (So tall! So handsome! And that lovely Bristol accent!). But since Abs walked off into the Holby sunset hand-in-hand with Jo Lipsett from Waterloo Road (who had a peculiar hairstyle even then), whatever has happened to James Redmond?

A quick google-stalk has divined that the divine James has turned his back on acting, in favour of an even more unpredictable and scary profession. After attending comedy night school (who knew?) he’s become a stand-up comedian.  A “dry, slick and subtle” one, apparently (doing very well to be dry and slick at one and the same time).

He’s made many appearances, but is he any good? Well, I couldn’t tell you because a YouTube search for “James Redmond” comedy or “James Redmond” stand up yielded only this clip of him discussing hepatitis. I waited for a punchline, but there isn’t one. He’s being serious. And I’ve gone and missed his appearance on the Bingo Channel last night as well.

It’s not like he’s terribly into self-promotion about the comedy stuff anyway. “I don’t really tell people I do it, actually,” he told the Liverpool Daily Post, coyly adding, “if you were a national paper I wouldn’t mention it at all.” Bless.

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