Holby City: Alright, who’s got the laser?

I didn’t blog about last week’s Holby, but if I had I would have called the post “Where there’s Hope, there’s life.” Because Elliott Hope spent the episode charming some lady from a medical organisation into promising the hospital one of these fab lasers that he needs to sort out Footballer Ben’s lung, at a bargain price. It seemed he’d done a brilliant thing for Footballer Ben and all the other patients who’d benefit from a state-of-the-art laser, plus bagged himself a nice new girlfriend. Result!

Sadly this week, as Connie and Elliott lurked behind the hospital’s front door waiting for a box containing a laser to pop through the letterbox (well, almost), it became increasingly clear that Something was Wrong.

Several desperate phone calls later, Elliott discovered that con artists come in many forms, including nicely-dressed, nicely-spoken, terribly nice-seeming ladies who work for medical institutions. She’d only gone and scarpered with Elliott’s cheque, and no laser was forthcoming.

While Footballer Ben projectile-vomited blood all over the ward, Elliott continued (against all the evidence) to promise that the laser would arrive in time. Connie is sceptical. I’m sceptical. But there’s something woolly and wonderful about Elliott’s faith in human nature, and you just have to hope that, by some magic method, the laser will appear after all.

Meanwhile, Mark “Jesus” Williams was getting a bit over-enthusiastic in his new role as CEO. When Sacha Levy made a clumsy “blonde” joke and an irritable woman complained, Jesus swung into action. When he heard that Sacha had been giving Jac Naylor “unwelcome” hugs, rather than commending him for bravery, he started investigating him for sexual harrassment. Of course it was all something and nothing, and the entire situation was beautifully defused by The Radiant Donna.

If only the tension between Dr Penny Valentine and Goth Sister Freda was so easy to sort out. Those two do not like each other, though Goth Sister Freda has taken a shine to Penny’s brother, Dr Oliver Valentine. They even arranged to meet up for a drink, but Penny scuppered that by telling each of them that the other one couldn’t make it. She took Oliver off to the cinema, leaving Goth Sister Freda at the bar with only the weird anaesthetist and vodka for company. Even that displeased her. Knocking back a glassful, she winced. “Vodka,” she pronounced. “But not vodka.”

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