Casualty: Don’t let the bad man into your head

When an episode of Casualty starts in a prison, you just know it’s all going to get more than usually traumatic in resus later on. When a Very Nasty Man Indeed was found stabbed in the chest with a sharpened toothbrush (ouch), Adam found himself face-to-face with Holby’s answer to Hannibal Lecter.

Carl Jackson (a very menacing Maurice Roeves) was a particularly horrible child killer with his own line in gallows humour. “Is there any history of haemophilia in your family?” Adam asked him, as the toothbrush wound gushed far more blood than he’d predicted.  “They didn’t bleed much when I killed them,” Jackson replied. He made it his mission to get inside Adam’s head, in a very similar manner to the way Hannibal Lecter gets in Clarice Starling’s head. And, like Clarice, we know that Adam is something of a tortured soul, and hence rich pickings for a psycho enjoying a day out (it became clear that the injuries were self-inflicted just so Jackson could go to hospital for the day).  “You’re like an ice cream parlour in the desert,” he told Adam – almost certainly the first time this comparison has been levelled at Dr Trueman. “I just want a taste.” Jackson refused to have treatment until Adam told him something about himself, which forced Adam to confront baby Harry’s death, which might even have helped his tortured soul become a little less tortured. Every cloud has a silver lining, after all.

A much-needed shot of comedy relief this episode was provided by Big Mac, who believed he’d been cursed a couple of weeks ago. This sent him into hypochondriac meltdown. When Noel and Jay realised he was sending samples of his own urine for tests, and booking himself for CT scans (surely porters can’t just do this without a doctor’s say-so? No wonder the NHS is financially precarious), they realised it was time to do something. Jay pretended he had gypsy blood, and that a sure-fire way to lift a curse is to draw a chalk ring around the place you were cursed. Big Mac therefore spent much of the episode bent double, drawing a circle around the entire hospital. He’ll probably be cursed with a bad back now, if nothing else.

Actually, it looks as though it could be Jay who’s cursed. It turns out that he took part in a double-blind trial of this crypto thing that’s been killing people on Casualty for the past few weeks. Please, no – not Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren…

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  1. jessica

    baby harry was my fave character and i have a doll named harry because of him

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