Big Brother: return to the ‘bungalow of the damned’

I’m quoting the divine Grace Dent in the title, for no particular reason other than the woman is a genius, and it has been her witty commentaries over the years (and some kick-ass shoes) that have vastly added to my BB viewing pleasure.

So here we all are then (those that are still bothering to watch it anyway). My first blog on the last series. I’ve been a bit slow off the mark because there are too many names to cope with still, and I’ve been keeping only half an eye on it (i-dent that, channel 4).

But I’ve been getting more bothered, gradually. Dave the Preacher? Bad hair, bad glasses. I’d forgive both, but a homophobic bigot hiding under the brown monkish cloak of smug, know-it-all, self-satisfied bollocks religious justification -‘God loves all of us, but I’d never perform a civil partnership ceremony because gays are damned to eternal hellfire’. Damn him I say. I see you preacher for what you are.

Ben the posh blonde one with troublesome hair? He quite amused me for 5 minutes in a Sebastian Flyte sort of way because Mario the mole (as was) adored him and I formed a soft spot for Mario. But after I saw Ben nicking the onions that current BB kitchen lord, Nathan, had pre-prepared for the evening meal, he’s gone right down in my estimation. Spoilt little public schoolboy brat, used to getting his own way and being effing superior.

I started, briefly, to feel sorry for him over the ‘Shabby going mad after he suggested that she, as an actress, hams it all up a bit’ incident because she is so incredibly explosive and he was flogging a dead, slightly mad horse trying to apologise. But on the other hand he should have just walked away and not been convinced by a very young and a bit silly Caoimhe to keep trying. I find Shabby fascinating to watch, but she’s probably not easy to live with.

Mind you, neither is Sunshine. Did I remember rightly that she said her mum died when she was 17? Might explain a lot, but she’ll never do well in a huge group unless she can learn to merge better (being vegan on a shared shopping budget, being scared of heights for the first task, and a bit wet on the cheese task hasn’t endeared her to people-but having said that, her main enemy, Govan, looks to be a nasty, divisive, bitchy piece of work, so part of me feels sorry for Sunshine).

Keeping an eye on the John James/Rachael situation. I’m not that clever at understanding the flirting games people play, and I had thought he and Josie liked each other, but as I said to start off with, I’ve only been watching with half an eye.

Suspect Sunshine may go on Friday (the contestant who goes under that appallingly ill-chosen self-made-up name; I’m not a weather forecaster), unless there are other developments I’ve been missing, Rachael is more unpopular than I’d realised, or the voting public hate Shabby.

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One response to “Big Brother: return to the ‘bungalow of the damned’

  1. pauseliveaction

    Spot on as per, Inkface. I was surprised (and a touch disappointed) that no-one chose to call out self-made-monk Dave on his homophobia. I wonder if they think the Lord will smite them down if they argue with a man in a cassock?

    I fear for the future of the NHS if Sunshine is representative of medical students. Honestly, chuck, a verruca is not a big deal. Even I know that, and I got my medical degree from Holby City.

    I enjoyed the “mole” stuff at the beginning, mainly because of the delightful Tree of Temptation, who has now become a Chest of Drawers of Cheekiness. Loved him exhorting Mario to smear the pizza over the windows.

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