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Holby City: Faye Byrne, the robo-nurse that men can’t resist

In a perfect piece of casting, the frozen-faced Patsy Kensit brings her full gamut of facial expressions (ranging from disappointed sadness to sad disappointment) to bear on the flint-hearted energy drain whom men can’t resist.

This week, she discovered that the child she’s carrying is a boy, which means he has a 50% chance of having the same profound disabilities as her late son, Archie. Clearly an awful situation and one for which we really ought to have the profoundest sympathy for Faye. But that’s next to impossible when she spends an entire episode wringing her hands and being horrible to the wonderful Joseph, at one point telling him more or less to butt out of her business, conveniently ignoring the fact that the child is his as well. “She’s cold,” said my other half. Yes, she is.

Meanwhile, the Doctors Valentine literally almost lost a patient, because they were engaged in a brother/sister spat because of Oliver telling Connie about Penny’s relationship with Scott James. While Penny pretended that the patient had died to upset Oliver, and Oliver pretended to tell the patient’s wife he’d died to upset Penny, the patient himself had gotten bored waiting in a wheelchair in a corridor and had gone walkabout. Luckily he collapsed within easy reach of a nurse who uttered the Holby/Casualty official cry of “Can we have some help here?” and all was well.  Apart, that is, from a dressing down from Connie and Mark “Jesus” Williams, and a humiliating stint in gorilla costumes as part of Jesus’ bid to raise funds for laser surgery equipment.

On the other side of Holby, Michael Spence was attending relationship counselling with his anaesthetist wife, Annalise. We knew when we first glimpsed the counsellor sticking an inhaler thing up his nose that he wasn’t going to last the session without crumpling into a collapsed heap, and thus it turned out. Luckily he had a consultant surgeon and an anaesthetist on hand, and to be fair to them they did remember to roll him into the recovery position before they carried on bickering.

Once they had him safely installed in the hospital, it looked for a minute like a reconciliation was on the cards. At least, Michael thought so, but he was left disappointed in the hospital coffee bar with nothing but a wilting bunch of flowers and two junior doctors dressed as gorillas for company.

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