Waterloo Road: Tom and Kim in deadly danger!

Finally Waterloo Road is back on form. This was an excellent episode with a decent story involving regular characters, and pulling in a lot of other storylines as well. And there was no Rachel.

That Finn Sharkey. His name alone, and the fact that he wears the collar of his leather jacket turned up, would give you a clue that he’s a Bad Boy. This week, Rochdale’s answer to Jim Stark had acquired some legal yet dubious smokeables from the internet, and he and Amy and Josh partook during break time. The effect was to make Amy paranoid, while Josh and Finn went “Whoa!” a lot and looked blissed-out.Then they trooped off for lessons.

When Tom Clarkson noticed that his son was acting a little bit weird, he got all strict with him (Pious Kim Campbell had warned him that he needed to establish proper boundaries), and Josh rebelled by secretly putting the rest of the waccy baccy in Tom’s school dinner.

That might have been a bit of a laugh if Pious Kim hadn’t needed to rush off to hospital after she started bleeding. Tom volunteered to drive her in his little red car. When Josh realised that his dad was likely to be tripping off his box in charge of a vehicle containing a heavily pregnant lady, he was naturally concerned and Deputy Head Chris was informed.

While Chris was on the phone to Kim, he heard her screaming, brakes squealing, the sound of metal hitting concrete, and all the other worst-case-scenario noises. And worse again, he was right in the middle of trying to persuade a woman from a posh school to let Waterloo Road’s oiks use her posh sports facilities.

Anyway… all’s well that ends well. Kim and the baby are fine (but Kim doesn’t want to be more than “just mates” with Chris). Tom will be fine just as soon as they remove the bandages, and he’s forgiven Josh. And the woman from the posh school is throwing open her playing fields to Waterloo Road, thanks to a timely intervention by Steph Haydock, who was seeking to impress Deputy Head Chris (whose dad she is dating).

Ros McCain, meanwhile, is still seeking to impress Jo Lipsett by speed-reading French novels, wearing lipgloss and staring at her from afar (yes, it is a tiny bit stalkerish). She’ll be wearing her cardigan backwards next.

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