Holby City: What a friend we have in Mark “Jesus” Williams

The second part of the previous day’s flood-tastic two-parter, and immediately we’re pitched straight into the action. Donna and Maria are still stuck in a lift, Mark “Jesus” Williams is trying to hold back the floodwaters, two kids are still missing and there’s a paedophile roaming around somewhere, and in the operating theatre Connie’s sockets are on the blink and so, by the look of it, is her patient.

Tense. As. Hell. But when all hell is breaking loose, what you need is a man so calm and serene and wise that he could have once played the Son of God in a famous TV series. Holby is fortunate to have that man in the suit-wearing, gum-chewing form of Consultant Nurse Mark “Jesus” Williams. While the Acting CEO flapped around in her oversized high-visibility jacket, Jesus calmly took control.

Pretty soon Donna and Maria were freed from their elevator, though Donna’s happiness was shortlived when she was informed that little Mia was missing. When the paedophile turned up, Jesus again took charge and gave him a gentle grilling (“You’re the only one who’s looked me in the eyes since I got here,” the nasty man told him) and discovered that he didn’t have anything to do with the children disappearing. He’d merely been off looking for some tools to try and fix the hospital’s generator. And, even better, he knew a man who could get exactly the cables that were needed to plug Wyvern wing into the next door wing’s mains and get the power back on.

So where were the kiddies? Not entirely sure on that one, but they turned up safe and well anyhow, and that’s all we care about.

Maria spent the episode reassessing her life’s goals. She had been planning to go and work for VSO in Tanzania, but had taken the ward sister job instead. But when she saw (a) how brilliant Donna was at suturing and (b) how brilliant Donna was with Mia, she decided that Donna deserved the job more, and told Jesus she was withdrawing her application and catching the next flight to Dodoma (it’s the capital of Tanzania. I googled).

Yesterday we left Connie busily grafting bits onto the heart of her old schoolfriend, being snappy with the anaesthetist, and exchanging meaningful glances with Joseph (I’m definitely sensing something brewing between these two). The operation successfully concluded, all that remained was to get the old schoolfriend safely installed in intensive care. But there was a snag – all the HDU’s, ITU’s, AAU and other places ending in U were closed due to lack of power. There was one still open in another wing, but it would involve carrying the unconscious schoolfriend up and down several flights of stairs and along Holby’s maze-like darkened corridors.

Off they went, and at some stage old schoolfriend’s breathing tube became blocked. She was “down” for several minutes, and a head CT (they had power to do CT’s, by some lucky chance) showed she would possibly have brain damage. Not good news for Connie, who rather badgered the woman into having the surgery in the first place.

So Connie is down but not out. Maria is out, but not down. And it looks like Jesus is in – the Acting CEO told him she wouldn’t oppose his CEO application, and the job is virtually his.

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7 responses to “Holby City: What a friend we have in Mark “Jesus” Williams

  1. inkface

    I wish he’d bring his calm competent presence to my work place!

  2. Anne of Green Gables

    The two kiddies who disappeared – they had managed to get themselves locked in paediatrics, (which presumably was otherwise empty because it had been evacuated due to the storm causing a power cut…is that right?)

    Joseph is the father of Connie’s child – that storyline goes way back. I can’t remember whether the babe was the result of a quick nookie or a longer affair – but it didn’t last that long. When Connie B. was newly appointed to Holby, I think she went through a phase of “trying out” attractive male members of staff.

    There is no reason why handsome Joseph and high-powered Connie shouldn’t get together again, I suppose, now Faye has left Joseph.

    Pay attention at the back of the class! This is all a bit complicated for us adults!

  3. Anne of Green Gables

    Oops! Sorry! I clearly got two rather sexy male doctors confused in my mind (I’m good at getting people confused!). I’ve been convinced for ages that Joseph was the father of Connie’s child…should have checked it out! They lead such dramatic lives, these TV doctors and nurses – I can’t always keep up with them (though sometimes real life can be a bit too dramatic also).

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