Glee (17): You had me at sex tape…

After the Reset Episode, the Madonna Episode (which was simply fantastic) and Last Week’s Episode, this has to be The Guilty Pleasures episode.

From Sue’s homemade Let’s Get Physical video, through Ice Ice Baby, You Can’t Touch This to Total Eclipse of the Heart – it’s a paean to all those songs that get you dancing like a loon in your own kitchen, but require a pint of vodka before you can dance to them in public…

If humiliation wasn’t such a common occurrence in Glee, it could also be called the Humiliation Episode. When the Glee club is egged on by the delicious (but frankly untrustworthy) Jesse to post the aforementioned homemade video on YouTube in a ‘badass’ action, the fallout is ultimately devastating (by Glee standards – this isn’t Ashes to Ashes afterall).

For a start I actually felt sorry for Sue – who’d have thunk it? – as students and teachers mocked her with ‘cruel slo-mo laughter’. Of course she quickly retaliates by demanding that Will unmasks the Glee member who’s been posting the ‘Glist’ in the corridors – a list of Glee club members ranked by sexy or naughty points (no surprise that Puck’s in triple figures and Rachel in minus ones) – describing Glee Club as a Petri dish of sexual depravity…

Confronted by Mr Shue, the Gleesters rapidly point the finger at a protesting Puck, who denies it saying, “I’m a delinquent, I like setting things on fire and beating up people I don’t know. I totally own that. But I’m not a liar.” Bless him…

And talking of guilty pleasures, at last we get more of Mr Schue’s rapping, as he sets out to prove that bad songs can be rehabilitated and that Ice Ice Baby doesn’t ‘suck’. Which also means we get more jaw-dropping dancing (especially from Mike and Other Asian). Yay!

Does it make me stupid that I didn’t know what Rachel had in mind when she decided to become musically promiscuous? I assumed it involved some previously unthinkable combination of folk and hip-hop (or something). Still, it was worth it just to hear Artie utter the line “You had me at sex tape… How can I help?”

Talking of great lines, Brittany’s get better by the week. On explaining why she couldn’t have produced the Glist: “I don’t know how to turn on a computer.” And on why she’s sitting in the rehearsal room: “I had a cold and I took all my antibiotics at the same time and I forgot how to leave.”

I’m also wondering if there’s much more to Sue than meets the eye. That she adores her sister and takes her advice (though I’m not sure her sister would approve of the way she does it or the outcome) didn’t jar this time. Am I going soft on Sue? I don’t think I can ever see things the way Sue C’s them… Oh dear.

Talking of which, Sue tries to ‘help’ Emma, who ‘nearly married a gym teacher who’s more gravy than man’ by telling her about Will’s snog with the Vocal Adrenaline coach (not to mention Avril staying over) and goading her to confront him in the staffroom. A chain of events which ends with Emma yelling that Will is “a slut, a slut, a slut…” to the smirks of their lunching colleagues. Not even (a rather nice) bouquet of flowers is going to fix this quickly.

In the meantime Rachel is managing to avoid kissing Puck (she must have superhuman powers – he has very kissable lips) and talking him into starring with her in a video for Run Joey Run (a song that until now has not been on my radar I must confess).

At the same time Artie, Mercedes, Kurt, Tina and Brittany are preparing to humilate themselves to get themselves better ratings on the Glist. Despite Archie getting cold feet (Brittany: “Can you even feel your feet?), clad in harem pants they procede to ‘get their glee on’ in the library stacks to You Can’t Touch This. And people ask why we watch this? If you can’t enjoy this then your soul must already have fallen off its perch…

Also worthy of mention is Mr Schue’s interrogation of individual Glee club members in the hunt for the Glist’s creator. A fabulous collage of back and forth shots is cut short by Kurt’s lampshade enquiry to Will, “Since your wife left, have you been watching a lot of reruns of Law and Order?”

As it turns out it was Quinn – humiliated by everyone and everything – who was behind the Glist. Will, of course, doesn’t turn her in, but tells her that she will get her life back better than before. She gets to tell him in reply, “You’re a really good teacher, I can’t believe everyone’s calling you a man-whore.”

And what’s not to love about the Olivia Newton-John/Sue Sylvester video of Let’s Get Physical – I don’t think Jane Lynch is acting having that much fun. She’s positively loving every second of it. As were we all, I bet.

And it’s just as well, because it all gets a bit sad from here. Rachel’s Run Joey Run video uses Finn, Jesse and Puck to play the same boyfriend – only she didn’t tell them that and they’re all rather hurt. Cue a heartbreaking combination of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart with fabulous ballet dancing, and an even more poignant end as everyone walks out on poor old Rachel. Pass the tissues will you?

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2 responses to “Glee (17): You had me at sex tape…

  1. Seán

    I was so so so delighted to see Will get his commupeance in this episode with Emma calling him a slut.

    Everyone seems to just love Will but I can’t stand him. He’s just too perfect – handsome, sexy, smart, honest, loyal, talented, sensitive, always doing the right thing. I can’t stand how he cries at practically every performance, how he raps, he always gives off this impression that he loves himself. Grrr…so annoying!

  2. Qwerty

    Finally got round to watching this, Jo-Hat. Am SO out of touch this series. I agree, the Sue/sister thing wasn’t quite so cloying this time. Loved her terror of the slo-mo laughing.

    Just looked up Olivia N-J and she is 61! God bless her plastic surgeon.

    Sean, if you don’t like poor Will, you must surely have enjoyed it when Emma was calling him a ‘slut, slut, slut’.

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