Damages Season 3 (8): “Consider this the carrot …”

Ah, the welcome return of Ted Danson. Star acting-transformation of Series 1, as the shock-white-haired reformed fraudster Arthur Frobisher, tangled up en passant in series 2, he returns now to further strengthen the acting array in Series 3. What is his connection to the fraudster Tobins? Aside from the F word and being screwed over by Glenn Close’s Patty Hewes, we can only wait and see.

The “Anteegwan” (phonetically rendered so it’s like you’re listening to the show) connection to the Tobin stashed millions continues to prove hard to crack for Patty and co, thanks to the efforts of Junior Soprano, sorry Mr Zedeck.  He manages to ensure the key officials are “financially motivated”.  Nice phrase.

Lovely scene where Zedeck and Tobin lawyer Winstone (this season’s acting turn around Martin Short) advise each other knowingly to be careful over the death of key witness Danielle Marchetti, each thinking the other was the guilty party.  Turns out neither was: “well if you didn’t do it, who did?”

Given that Tobin junior is sinking ever deeper into the post-Ponzi shit storm created by his dad, it’s unsurprising that he knows who did.  He’s now deceiving his mum, by hiding away his increasingly nutty sister, who (yes indeed) has poisoned his former mistress/mother of their half-sister.  I’m sure there’s some half dozen Greek myths being thrown into the mix here.  We’re just short someone being screwed by a swan, but give it time.

A curious Ellen Parsons stumble this week, revealing she still has some way to go to get into the Hewes league of intrigue.  She bumps into young Hewes son and heir with pregnant older girlfriend who invites her to his new art show.  She then reveals same to Patty – without realising it’s all news to her.  Given Hewes’ power and connections, and obsessive personal interests, it’s hard to imagine it’s actually remained secret in NY this long.

But Patty still then manages to move straight into cold killer controlling mom mode:  digging the background dirt on the girlfriend and offering her money to disappear with implied threats if she refuses:  “Consider this the carrot; believe me, you wouldn’t want the stick.”

So what if she’s carrying Patty’s grandchild?  This woman wants to control everyone and everything.

Best moment:  slow realisation (by me as viewer) that they’ve added Craig Bierko (Boston Legal’s Jeffrey Coho) to the cast as A-list TV comedian being wheedled into supporting Frobisher’s new green wind energy initiative.  Sad for Ms bold and the PLA Lustbox that his lumberjack shirt, weird mustache with heavy stubble combination results in him looking more like a deranged Canadian.

Biggest complaint:  Tobin’s insistent underplayed weaselly zero-variation voice.  I’m sure it’s what they wanted.  But I just keep on having to turn up the volume.

Key flash forward revelations this week: Ellen (formerly with Hewes and Associates) and Tom Shayes (still with Hewes) were planning to set up a law firm together.  And we know Patty would never like that.  Plus were they recovering Tommy’s investment money from the Tobins to set it up?  Put up with the scary music next week to find out …

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  1. inkface

    I like the lurking and slightly strange architect who wants to rip off Patty’s render to reveal what lies below.