American Idol: Never the Twain

I remember the good old days on American Idol when the themed weeks would be people like Abba, Queen, Motown, Michael Jackson. This week was Shania Twain week. I’m serious. Shania Twain. What’s it going to be next week? Justin Bieber week?

Admittedly, I am British, and as Simon Cowell usually mentions at least once, we don’t “get” country music. My dad has a Shania album (it fits in snugly next to The Best of Olivia Newton-John), but he doesn’t watch American Idol, so he’s no use either. So for the most part the songs this week were new to me, apart from the one Lee De Wyze sang. As such, it was harder than usual to work out who’d done well and who hadn’t. What was obvious is that Shania was a great mentor.

As to the performances, little Aaron Kelly with his head that’s too big for his body could prove to be the dark horse of this competition. He’s very good vocally, with astonishing maturity in his interpretation of the songs. One of the judges pointed out that this was especially impressive considering he’s only 16. “I’m 17 now,” he said. Bless – it just shows how young you are when you’re so keen to add the digits.

I’ve been saying for weeks that Michael Lynche has a Luther Vandross quality to his voice, and following his performance of ‘It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing’ (great title for an episode of Casualty), the judges have started saying it too.

Crystal Bowersox’s vocals were a bit sidelined by the arrangement and the band on her song, so it wasn’t one of her most memorable performances.  Casey James and Lee De Wyze were okay, but nothing special.

Bottom of the vote this week was Siobhan Magnus. I didn’t actually think she was too bad, though it seems the voting public don’t like it when a female contestant does feisty, as Katy Stevens found out a few weeks ago. Siobhan looked cute, but she ought to have retired her end-of-the-song screech a few weeks ago because it had definitely outstayed its welcome. In fact it outstayed its welcome by about 30 seconds last night and led Simon to comment that she sounded like she was giving birth.

Next week it’s Frank Sinatra week, and the mentor is Harry Connick Jr. At least I’ll know all the songs.

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