Lustbox: The very versatile Steven Mackintosh

I first noticed Steven Mackintosh in a four part BBC drama called Undercover Heart, back in 1998. He played an undercover cop who gets so involved with the case he’s working on that he risks his career, his marriage and his sanity. In a strong cast (Daniela Nardini, Lennie James), Steven Mackintosh’s performance was amazing – his character looked like an angel who’d been plunged into hell.

He’s not a very bulky bloke, but he has an amazing physicality – his characters are often at least a bit on the dark side, and he’s brilliant at understated menace and pent-up tension. He did a show-stopping turn in Prime Suspect 5, as Manc gangster The Street, all arrogant swagger and completely immoral.

Steven Mackintosh seems to be drawn towards difficult or controversial roles. He’s played a transgender person in Different for Girls, and won numerous awards for his heartbreaking portrayal of a sexually abused boy in Care. He also recently played Peter Mandelson in Mo, and a bigoted cop in Criminal Justice.

What I love most about him is his voice. You’ll have heard it hundreds of times on ads and doing voiceovers for documentaries – it’s a perfectly pleasant voice-over voice (he’s also wonderful reading audiobooks – check out his reading of The Beach). But when he’s playing a role that requires a bit of menace, that voice gets a fabulously threatening, sexy edge to it.

His next TV role is in the crime show Luther, which starts next Tuesday. I’ve already got it on series link.

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3 responses to “Lustbox: The very versatile Steven Mackintosh

  1. inkface

    I’m a little bit afraid of him (obviously I’m failing to distinguish between reality and fiction, and not for the first time) but I do agree he’s attractive.

  2. pauseliveaction

    Just discovered it’s his birthday tomorrow. I’m sending him a virtual cake and balloons.

  3. inkface

    You could pop out of the cake! Fun for everyone.

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