True Blood 209: This is the beginning

I'm too sexy for my duvet

This episode was a real double-choc treat for fans of Mr Eric Northman, of whom there are one or two, I believe. He was on tip-top form. First, he protected Sookie from the shrapnel emanating from the spinning corpse of Jealous Luke. Then he cleverly persuaded Sookie to sook out (see what I did there?) the silver bullets lodged in his chest. This was just a ruse to get her to ingest some of his bodily fluids (‘Ugh!’ cried Sookie), thus forging an eternal connection between them. Now, Bill revealed, Eric would be able to know where she was and what she was feeling. Sookie lashed out angrily, at which Eric nodded wryly, ‘Bill, I believe you’re right. I can sense her emotions.’ I like Eric more and more.

Eric, having been born a rough tough Viking, is far less prissy than Bill, with his Victorian-era sensibilities. Bill tried to explain to Sookie the exact nature of the connection she now had with Eric. Watching him force out the word, ‘sexual’ as though it were a turd, was highly entertaining.

Sookie started having sexy dreams, in which she was lying happily in bed with a vulnerably naked and tender Eric (sending a shiver down the spine of all the Eric groupies). He turned to her and said, ‘This is the beginning’, making it clear he has no idea that we are mid-way through Season 2. In her waking life Sookie gave Eric sidelong glances of the sort that might be smouldering on someone else, but she does struggle somewhat with smouldering.

Don't worry Godric, I've got the fire extinguisher right here

Unlike Godric. After revealing that he’d been a willing hostage of the Fellowship in a bid to sacrifice himself, and thus heal the vampire/human rift, though why he thought that would work I have no idea, he took himself off to the hotel roof at dawn. Eric pleaded and cried, but Godric was determined to burn, baby, burn. Sookie, who has an astonishingly inflated sense of her own importance, hung about gracelessly in the background as Eric and Godric made their touching farewells. When Eric went inside, Sookie decided she’d stay with Godric, without even asking if he minded. Godric, however, was too zen to object. When he was burning up, and she was tearing up, he said, ‘A human with me at the end, and human tears; 2,000 years and I can still be surprised’. I swear there was a little salt-water in my own eyes at this. I was sorry to see Godric go. I liked the cut of his jib.

A black-eyed Tara was carried off by Lafayatte and Lettie Mae, making me tremble for Bon Temps if they are the only people who can resist Maryann, with Andy ‘Piiiiggg’ Bellefleur at the helm.

Maryann let loose her downright nutter side, running into prisons and bars yelling, ‘I WANT SAM MERLOTTE!’ Good lord, Maryann, haven’t you heard of internet dating? It would be more dignified. Sam, meanwhile, turned into a fly to escape, as you do, then pitched up naked at Andy’s door. Andy let him in with a rather interestingly ambiguous expression on his face.

Stick me in a tracksuit and I could be Sue Sylvester's dead twin

The Dallas vampires were told off by vampire spokesperson Nan Flanagan, who seems to be in charge. She reminds me of a more reasonable Sue Sylvester. The Newlins were on telly too, having an excellent little domestic bicker to which we were all invited. Steve still sported a mark on his forehead from Jason’s paintgun attack. Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall in the Newlin’s house, now he’s let the vampires run riot, and she’s shagged Jason?

Poor Jason, describing his time with the Church, said to Sookie, ‘Steve and Sarah acted like they liked me.’ Then he shook his head ruefully. ‘Before they tried to kill me.’ Yeah, guess those  attempts at murder were a hint that you were out of favour, Jase.

Jessica and Hoyt continued their quest to be the world’s cutest mixed couple (he’s alive, she ain’t). Though Jessica looked every inch a nice, sweet-living young lady, Hoyt’s mother Maxine wouldn’t unbend. I find Hoyt and Maxine’s relationship horrifying believable. When he listed all the people and groups his mother is prejudiced against, it could have been me talking to my own dear ma. To be fair to Jessica, there is no girl in the world that Maxine would consider good enough for Hoyt. Being a vampire is probably no worse to her than, say, being Black, or a Democrat.

This week’s puzzlers:

  • If Sam can turn into a fly, or a dog, or an owl, why can’t he turn into a fire-breathing dragon and kill Maryann?
  • What is Sookie going to say when she finds Maryann and Eggs living in her home, but no Tara?
  • Why is Nan Flanagan in charge? Is she older than Godric? Surely it can’t be simply because she is on telly? Don’t tell me that vampires are as susceptible to the cult of celebrity as humans? Here’s a good name for a vampire celebrity magazine: ‘Heat’.

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4 responses to “True Blood 209: This is the beginning

  1. Seán

    Hello. I don’t know if your questions are rhetorical or not but I’m going to give my theories anyway.

    01. I believe Sam needs to see the animal before he turns into it. That’s why he has the picture of a dog in his office. I doubt there’s many fire breathing dragons around Bon Temps.

    02. Judging by next week’s episode, it looks like she’s gonna be so fudging mad!

    03. Nan Flanagan is the national representative for vampires. She’s not older than Godric but she has a lot of power being on TV. And she’s probably a favourite of the Magister if you get my meaning. 😉

  2. Querty

    I know this is silly, but apropo the Bill comment, I can’t help but linking this video. 🙂
    It’s stupid and you may remove it if you want to. I just love that Eric is such an alpha jerk and still gets away with it. 🙂 Its just funny. Great synopsis.

  3. Qwerty

    Just a note: the Qwerty with a ‘u’ above isn’t me!

    Just took a look at the video link. Ooh, that bit where he says to Bill, ‘Are you trying to pick a fight with me?’ It’s so… Phwoooooar.

    Sean, thanks for your fab answers!

  4. inkface

    I’m not a keen camper, but I’m for sure now firmly tent-pegged down in Eric’s camp. Lord have mercy, that vampire is one hot tomale.

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