Waterloo Road: Making a pig’s ear of a school trip

I watched Waterloo Road last night in the company of my sister, who teaches in a secondary school. Throughout the episode she made small grumbling noises about how this or that would never happen in a real school – for example the trip to the decrepit farm couldn’t have happened without a prior risk assessment and so on. But she still enjoyed watching it. That’s the thing with Waterloo Road. It’s sometimes almost frighteningly realistic, more often it’s like the school on the planet Zog, but either way it’s hideously entertaining.

The trip to the decrepit farm yielded a coachload of drunken teenagers, a stolen pig and a kid with chemical burns to his face. By Waterloo Road standards, a fairly successful trip – at least no-one actually died.

The major story arc-type event was Pious Kim Campbell going for her scan, accompanied by Deputy Head Chris. This is Deputy Head Chris who was recently enjoying a passionate encounter with Rachel Mason, but Pious Kim, as we know, is a woman no man can resist for long. Steph Haydock, who likes to keep her finger on the pulse of local gossip, has already spotted that Chris is starting to look a bit besotted whenever Pious Kim is in the room.

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2 responses to “Waterloo Road: Making a pig’s ear of a school trip

  1. the pig was soooooooooo cute and just when i thought bolton and donte were the fitest finn sharkey joins he is ssooooooo cute xxx i love him !!!!!!

  2. wallomrslug

    I work in a secondary school so I can understand your friend’s grumblings…I do that all the time. Most of it is unrealistic drivel…but entertaining unrealisitc drivel. But the actors are spot on in their portrayal of modern day students and I know of many Steph Hadocks, Grantly Budgens and Pious Kims so I can ignore the niggly bits that would never ever happen (well almost) because of that