Casualty: It’s how you deal with your mistakes

Dr May Phelps may look pretty, but handsome is as handsome does, as they say. Judging Dr Phelps by her actions, she is not pretty at all. The episode started with Yuki, who is adorable and adores her with puppy-like devotion, adding his own little couplets to the end of Shakespeare sonnets in her honour. He thought May was sleeping, but she was listening to him, and she didn’t look overjoyed to be the object of so much romantic ardour. This is because she’s just using Yuki to further her career.

It gets worse. She was having a very good shift and had even earned special praise from Nick Jordan. High on her own cleverness, she decided to have a go at intubating someone on her own – and accidentally broke the patient’s neck. Naturally, May didn’t ‘fess up. Why would you when you have a shy, clumsy, sweet-natured boyfriend who believes everything you tell him? When Yuki assumed he was the one who’d injured the patient, May encouraged him to tell Nick Jordan. The witch!

She’s not the only woman on Casualty who’s happy to let men take the blame. Dr Ruth Winters is still more than happy to let Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren take all the blame for the patient who died during her experimental procedure. He can’t find the patient’s notes, and is currently suspended. Even worse, I’m sure Ruth still loves him (well, why wouldn’t you?). She looks all annoyed whenever he goes near Paramedic Polly, anyway.

It’s not just the women who are being horrible, though. Alice (who is so drippy if they analysed her they’d probably find she’s 99.9% water) spent the episode drifting around the ED all upset because all she’d been for Adam was a one-off comfort shag. Tess advised her, in her gentle and lovely Tess way, to grow a backbone.

Isn’t it always the way? You’re just about to get married to a platonic friend because you don’t want your dying dad to know you’re a lesbian, and the woman you spent the previous night with turns out to be the registrar. Then your dad has a funny turn while enjoying a post-wedding cigar and collapses in the groom’s arms, while simultaneously noticing you snogging the aforementioned registrar. Thus it came to pass that Dixie’s secret love is no secret any more – but will her dad ever come off the ventilator so he can speak to her again?

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