Lustbox: Captain Jack Harkness

Considering that John Barrowman is a classic example of a ‘technically fit’ man (i.e. clearly not beaten by the ugly stick but still not provoking dirty thoughts or fluttery pulse), I acknowledge that I shouldn’t really be lusting after Captain Jack Harkness. Especially as all his sexiest scenes are with men.

When Jack snogs Ianto like the world’s about to end (which is more often literally true in Torchwood than most dramas, let’s be honest), well, blimey, is probably the safest response in a public arena such as this. (By contrast, Jack’s flirting with Rose is interesting dramatically, but as stimulating as, um, Paradox, for example.)

And then there’s the palpable homoerotic tension in ‘Utopia’ (Doctor Who, Series 3) when Jack and the Doctor (the delightful, delicious, de-lovely David Tennant) flirt with death – and each other. My tongue goes all funny just thinking about it.

Do I need to state that, generally speaking, men snogging doesn’t do it for me? I liked Queer as Folk as adult drama, but the actual action, as it were, didn’t do what Captain Jack does for me. As Ianto says to his sister, “It’s not men. It’s just him. It’s only him.”

And so I say a heartfelt thank-you to John Barrowman and Russell T Davies (not to mention the member of the production team who found that uniform) – between you, you have made a lot of people – including me – very happy.

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3 responses to “Lustbox: Captain Jack Harkness

  1. inkface

    Hello Ms Hat, and welcome to PLA Towers.

    I was initially a bit dubious about this, thinking ‘I really don’t fancy John Barrowman at all’. But you are right, as a Capt Jack, and in that outfit, he really is quite something. He brings quite filthy things to my mind too. As you say, slightly inexplicable, but undoubtedly a phenomenon. Having said all that, that the thought of it brings strange sensations to your tongue of all things. Yeah, that is a bit odd!!!

  2. Barrowman is a very attractive man, especially in the Captain Jack outfit and that heroic overcoat! Witty too. In his autobiography he makes some funny observations about it (the costume!)

    • pauseliveaction

      A good overcoat can work wonders for a man, but he has to wear it with the necessary amount of swagger – and John Barrowman has swagger to spare!

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