Brothers & Sisters: Tommy’s back! And he can cook!

Tommy returned from Mexico. Did he walk up to the front door and knock like any normal person? Of course not. He let himself into the house, triggering a silent burglar alarm that scared the life out of Kitty and Nora. Luckily Luc was on hand to rugby tackle the intruder (who was in the kitchen helping himself to the contents of the fridge, the cad!) to the ground.  “Taaaaarmy!” cried Nora blissfully, but this was as blissful as it got, because pretty soon they were arguing again. Tommy, it transpires, may have discovered a winning way with Mexican cuisine while he’s been away, but he’s been neglecting his daughter Elizabeth and hasn’t even phoned her for weeks.

This prompted Nora to indulge in yet another bout of soul-searching – if anyone ever has a problem, Nora always has first dibs on suffering. Anyway, it all ended well enough with Tommy bound for a visit to his daughter in Seattle.

Parenthood was also on the agenda for Scotty and Kevin. Scotty and the surrogate mother they’ve chosen were irked by Kevin’s insistence on having everything legally sorted out and contracted, but when Kevin explained about his brother who never sees his daughter in Seattle (this is the daughter who is biologically Kevin’s, remember), the surrogate mum (I promise to try and catch her name next week) fully understood and was happy to sign any contract Kevin put in front of her.

There’s some shady character who is a former enemy of William Walker, who is plotting to get his hands on the Ojai empire. He’s got Vampire Ryan doing industrial espionage for him, from which he concluded that Holly is in such dire financial straits she’d be happy to sell her share of the company. Holly, however, told him where to stick his generous financial package.

On the subject of generous packages, Sarah has been trying to keep hunky Frenchman Luc under wraps as far as her kids are concerned, but the precocious Paige (I’m sure that girl is played by a 45 year old dwarf) spotted them kissing and has insisted that Luc leave Nora’s and take up residence in Sarah’s spare room. So near and yet so far…

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