Nurse Jackie Episode 11: the bitterest pill

This was a tough episode, especially on Jackie’s poor, duped pill-dispenser and-lunchtime-hump Eddie. You did have to wonder why it had never occurred to him that she might be married, what with the never-seeing-him-out-of-work-time thing and all. What a lousy day at the office. Zoey walked in on him and Jackie in flagrante whilst his pharmacy was being gutted in the next room so a new pill-o-mattix machine could be put in to dispense drugs. Mrs Akilitus claimed it was the saddest day of her career, quite convincingly until you remembered it was her decision to dispense with the dispensary and his services.

The episode kicked off quite amusingly, well for me it did anyway, because I could hardly believe my eyes. There, teaching the tap class, was the one-armed evil genius Dr Robert Romano from ER, with both arms and head magically intact again after the ghastly rooftop hospital helicopter scene (never was a vehicle more accurately nicknamed than that chopper). I’m so glad he’s ok and is in another hospital drama, although I never suspected him of being a secret hoofer I must say. I was once a little in love with the little slapheaded fascist when he was a brilliant doctor. But not sure jazz hands can top surgeon’s hands really.

Anyhoo, Jackie’s underling,  the increasingly interesting student nurse Zoey, was also having a bad day after she gave a famous film critic with a broken arm an overdose of painkillers. Not a great day for drugs. This was after giving him a dressing down for disliking films with cats in them, and cats generally.

Jackie’s complicated love life got even more messy when the young fool, Doctor Fitch, dumped his glamorous girlfriend. This was because he has developed feelings for Jackie, who kissed him at the end of the last episode after he did his ‘Tourette’s’ thing (yeah, right) of grabbing her breast whilst under stress. Again. But to be honest, this time she didn’t seem to mind too much. And now he’s buying her roses and gum. Romance clearly isn’t dead.


Well it is for Eddie, for now anyway, as we left him forlornly walking away from the bar after seeing Jackie being embraced by her husband through the window. This on a day when her husband had used all his savings to replace the wedding ring Jackie got her doctor friend to saw off when it got stuck on at work (she needed to hide it from Eddie). But to hide the reason for doing this from her husband, she then broke her finger with a hammer in the toilets, then got Dr Fitch to patch it up, which is where the kissing started. Are you still following this? Ow. And indeed eugh. Yes indeed. I think, with a love life this complicated and in all senses painful, I’d probably rather stay celibate.

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2 responses to “Nurse Jackie Episode 11: the bitterest pill

  1. Qwerty

    This spiffing review almost makes me wish I was watching it. Like the Soprano’s-esque sawing off of wedding rings – Carmela, I mean Jackie, must be, ahem, a dab hand at this sort of thing.

  2. inkface

    Frankly I admire her stamina. Especially since she’s supposed to have a bad back.