The National Television Awards: Winners and (Bad) Losers

A big night in British Television for those who care about seeing celebrities take away an ornament after a self indulgent speech.

The usual suspects were dominant like the unstoppable Ant and Dec going away with two awards, including Most Popular Entertainment Personality for the 907th time running and Doctor Who taking everything drama related.   

They also  handed out a very well deserved Achievement Award to the brilliantly witty and likeable Stephen Fry, who had the likes of Hugh Laurie, Prince Charles, Jo Brand and…uhh…Harry Potter…singing his praises.

O…M…F…G…sounds so much funnier in a posh British accent!

Corrie’s Craig Gazey (who plays the hilarious Graeme Proctor) picked up a well deserved Most Popular Newcomer Award and his speech proves that he is EXACTLY like his Corrie character. Touchingly, he dedicated his award to the late, great Maggie Jones.

But the night wasn’t without its disasters. We had to sit through Jedward’s new single and Joe McElderry opened the show and made me realise how quickly you can get sick of somebody. With the insufferable Dermot O’Leary presenting and constant close ups of Simon Cowell throughout (I wonder if he slipped someone some money for some extra exposure) I almost thought I was watching the X Factor.


And then there was the Most Popular Serial Drama Award (Or Best Soap as us commoners call it).  Coronation Street took the honours after what some classed as a ropey year and all of a sudden, if you wandered onto an open discussion forum or tuned into the news, there was public outcry, most notably from bitter Eastenders fans. Why the fans were so devastated that something they never worked on wasn’t rewarded, I’m not sure, but petitions have been flying out and ITV have been accused of ‘bias’ as they showed a 3 minute clip to celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary of Corrie. (They also had a segment of Dermot going through the suspects of EE Who Killed Archie mystery but this was conveniently forgotten)

The BBC put in an official complaint…obviously not having much better to do with our licence fees, and was informed by an independent adjudicator that Corrie were already well ahead when the tribute was shown.

It's a fix!

What a load of fuss over something so trivial. The general public were up in arms over a poor decision made by the… ahem… general public. Now that the TV channels, particularly the ones we pay a TV licence for, have finished bickering over an ornament, can they get back to doing what they’re paid for… making television?

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4 responses to “The National Television Awards: Winners and (Bad) Losers

  1. Are ya serious?! The BBC issued a complaint about Corrie winning…?!

    Perhaps if they didn’t recycle sloppy murder stories over and over again (I seem to remember a Dirty Den, also being killed in the Vic) then they would have a chance!

    There’s no outcry of the fact that Doctor Who swooped all the drama awards, even though it’s so overrated. The Bill should have won that – they’ve undergone major transformations the last year, from story right through to the visual impact of the show.

    • pauseliveaction

      Apparently it wasn’t just the Eastenders people who were getting snitty – the Emmerdale lot were at it too

    • wallomrslug

      I quite agree with the Doctor Who sentiments…I was beginning to worry I was the only one who didn’t get the appeal.

      • pauseliveaction

        No, not the only one at all. I’ve seen occasional episodes which I thought were brilliant (mainly in the series when Martha was the assistant), but for some reason I don’t feel compelled to watch it the following week.