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Casualty: All I want for Christmas

Well three cheers for the magic of Christmas and the persistence of Lovely Staff Nurse Jay Faldren. As the snow began to fall on the fictional and accident-filled town of Holby, Staff Nurse Faldren finally got Icy Dr Ruth Winters to thaw out a little, and we last saw them hand-in-hand heading for a takeaway and a happy new year round at his place (hers having been trashed by her no-good junkie brother).

Just as well someone was happy. After a heroic shift spent mopping up horribly injured people and shooting cows at a remote roadside location, May Phelps found herself alone and friendless when everyone discovered she’s the Dean’s daughter.

Orthopaedic supremo Sean Anderson found himself similarly ostracised at the end of the episode. He thought earlier in the day he detected a chance for him and Jessica to get back together. The problem with Sean is that he’s the sort of man who thinks he’s irresistible, and he can’t imagine a world where Adam Trueman is preferable. Rejected by Jess, he paid a call on a gal who can’t say no, Dr Zoe Hanna, but a brief tussle in the on-call room ended when he rummaged in her bag for “protection” and found an invitation to Jess and Adam’s wedding instead. At the Dean’s party, Sean tried to force his affections on Jess, but only succeeded in making her scared of him and everyone else rather despise him.

There was a poignant sub-plot involving receptionist Noel and his father, who was suffering from dementia. He sat in a wheelchair in the snow unable to grasp who Noel was, but reminiscing about his son who was born on a snowy day.

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