Waterloo Road: A pathetic, old-fashioned bully

Ooh, that Max Tyler is a nasty piece of work, and finally everyone (apart from Pious Kim Campbell) is starting to work it out. His chief tactic is the old divide-and-conquer, setting one person up against another. His chief target was Steph Haydock, and he almost managed to get rid of her. This would have been good news for the teaching profession, but bad news for us, as Steph Haydock is a brilliant character. Luckily Rachel Mason managed to sort everything out, as she’s worked Max out for exactly what he is: “A pathetic, old-fashioned bully.” She almost managed to wipe the smug look off his face (is it just me who thinks he has a face like a fist?), but not quite. His sort don’t let loose of their fingerhold on power very easily.

During the course of the day Max found time to tell Sambucca Kelly that her family were “vermin.” Tom’s lily-livered reaction to this and his failure to stand up to Max on his girlfriend’s family’s behalf have led to Rose and Tom breaking up. Rose Kelly may be “vermin,” but she’s way too good for Tom Clarkson, a man who drifts from one relationship to the next like a jellyfish with stubble.

Max had such free rein to wreak havoc because Rachel was out most of the day, accompanying Lindsay to her mother’s trial. The shock revelation here was that it was Lindsay herself who’d killed her father, but hands up anyone who hadn’t worked that out already. Get yourselves to the cooler immediately.


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3 responses to “Waterloo Road: A pathetic, old-fashioned bully

  1. inkface

    Max’s face actually bears a striking resemblance to Dennis the Menace, 20 years on.

  2. tokar911

    I think he looks like Orlando Bloom – very similar facial features.

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