Spooks: Not afraid to die

The series finale to Spooks, and we knew it was going to be Ros’s last episode. How would she go out? With a ticking bomb and a helluva bang, that’s how. To the very last her core of iced iciness remained intact. In a hotel room, practically sitting on the counting-down bomb with a baddie, she told him they’d stay there till he told her which room he’d stashed the Home Secretary and the Pakistan Prime Minister. “I’m not afraid to die,” she told him, and he believed her. We believed her. She left him tied up, with the plastic ties she keeps in the pockets of her leather jacket for such a purpose.

Sadly she doesn’t keep a set of trolley wheels in her jacket pocket (this is where big coats really do come in handy), because when she and Lucas found the Home Secretary and the Pakistan PM, they’d been paralysed with a nasty drug. It was imperative to get the Pakistan PM outside and in front of TV cameras, otherwise his supposed demise would be used as an excuse to start a nuclear war. Ros commanded Lucas to lug him out (help couldn’t be summoned as outside communications had been cut off). This left her to try to drag the Home Secretary out with only seconds remaining as the bomb counted down. This was the new, younger and lighter Home Secretary – I don’t think even Ros would have attempted to drag Robert Glenister very far.

Lucas got out, the Pakistan PM was dusted down and unparalysed and delivered into the safe care of BBC News 24, and Lucas started back to the hotel to get Ros – and the bomb went off. End of episode. And, presumably, end of Ros. We will never see her like again.

Luckily we won’t be seeing Sarah Caulfield either, as she and her rubbish American accent (which veers from Brooklyn to Baton Rouge and back in the same sentence) got shot in the head. And not before time.

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