Spooks: Shoot, Lucas!

How’s this for a dastardly plot? Wind up two volatile factions, get them to carry out terrorist attacks on each other, and pretty soon their home countries will be involved – and they have nukes.

In an episode that looked like it started out in a street market in Mumbai but was actually Sarf London, Section D had to deal with the evil plotting of the shadowy Nightingale sect (or is it a project? Exactly what – and who – is Nightingale?). Hindu boys were being primed to carry out terrorist attacks on Muslim targets, while the Muslims were being similarly wound up. The Pakistanis had an asset who had infiltrated one of the Hindu gangs, and he was fairly quickly acquired by Lucas, who sent him in with an earpiece and wired up to get information about the target of the planned attack.

Poor Ruth, who serves as the Jiminy Cricket of Section D though no-one is much interested in a conscience when there’s work to be done, was very uneasy about putting this boy, Ashok, in harm’s way. Ros, as we know, has had her conscience replaced by a core of liquid nitrogen. When the leader of the gang had Ashok in a head-lock at the other end of Lucas’s gun, Ros had no qualms: “Shoot him!” she barked down his earpiece.  You’ve got to love Ros.

Anyway, this was all a tad immaterial, as they foiled that particular plot only to discover via the medium of Sky News that similar plots were going off all over the world. It was all a whole lot bigger than anyone had thought. And where is it leading? To India and Pakistan facing off with their nuclear weapons primed and ready. But why? And who? And what’s going to happen? Next week’s series finale is going to be tense, to say the least.

Meanwhile, the episode benefited greatly from the lack of Sarah Caulfield, who is still apparently at large (she did run away from Lucas’s flat, as I thought last week), and will presumably pop up next week. And we met the new Home Secretary, who is not a patch on Robert Glenister, and seems very young for the job – like the lost Miliband brother.


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4 responses to “Spooks: Shoot, Lucas!

  1. inkface

    I might invite Ros to my family Christmas. It would be fun!

    • pauseliveaction

      You’d have to be prepared for the possibility that she may need to shoot one of you. And I wouldn’t bet on her wearing a paper hat either.

  2. Maybe Ros will no longer … be … at Christmas… this is what they told us to expect… I’m so sorry we are going to lose such a good character. Thanks for your great review!

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