Gavin & Stacey: Series 3’s what’s occurring

Don't fancy yours much

I can’t believe I thought Gavin was dishy in the last series. Doris, the lecherous old lady next door thinks so, but what sort of judge is she, with her inability to make salads and her excessive swearing? 

I can’t decide if her bad language is really hilarious, because she looks like a sweet old lady, or whether it’s a tired and patronising old gag. I’ll have to have a think about that. Anyway, I realised this week that Gav actually looks like a Lego man, with his sculpted black hair and staring eyes. By crikey, even Smithy looks good in comparison.

The problem they’re going to have with this series is how to get everyone together, without making it look contrived. This episode it was baby Neil’s christening, which was fair enough, but I hope they have the courage to run separate storylines which don’t require Smithy and Nessa to be in the same room. I’m not buying the hidden subtext of will they won’t they. They just shouldn’t be together. They don’t like each other. End of.

Steadman in quiet repose

Perhaps I was in a grump due to hearing my first ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’ of the season, but everyone’s funny little ways seemed like annoying tics. Doris’s foul mouth, Stacey’s stupidity, Smithy’s man-love for Gav, Uncle Bryn’s innocence, and especially Pamela’s, well whatever it is that she does. I suddenly realised I haven’t much cared for Alison Steadman since she was in Abigail’s Party. Heresy, maybe, but she invariably turns in such over-the-top performances that she unbalances whatever she’s in. I still have nightmares about her Mrs Bennett in Pride & Prejudice. Everyone else remembers Colin Firth in his wet frilly shirt; I only recall Alison Steadman chewing up the scenery.

I’ll tell you who I did like: Baby Neil – a class cameo from a dashed handsome-looking baby. And Gav’s Dad, played by Larry Lamb. I have a thing for the silver fox look, and sister, he’s got it in spades. I also love the way he carries on with his realistic and understated performance despite being cast against Alison Deadman. I always enjoy Nessa, especially with her wearing a back sling for Neil so she can smoke more easily. And Dave Coaches is masterfully played. His scenes with Nessa have real chemistry.

But everyone else got on my nerves. They wasted tons of air-time with Rob Brydon singing; with a lame gag about everyone phoning Gav at his new job; and with Smithy’s Mum, who despite being played by Pam Ferris, verged into Steadman territory as more caricature than character.

Of course I’ll carry on watching. I love Gavin and Stacey. Everyone loves it. For now.

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19 responses to “Gavin & Stacey: Series 3’s what’s occurring

  1. inkface

    I don’t love it, actually, but caught some of this episode, and I’m totally with you on Alison Steadman in this and in general. She was like Mrs Slocombe in Pride and Prejudice. It made me wince.

    Also I’ve always fancied Larry Lamb, ever since seeing him in uniform in the atrocious (but still I watched every one) ferry tale, Triangle. Another fox, Kate O’Mara was in that too as I recall. She’d turn me I tell you…

  2. Qwerty

    Oh that’s a comfort – I thought I was going to get shouted at by Alison S fans.

    Gosh Inky, we really do go for the same men. Larry Lamb is so lovely, I even overlook his silly name.

    Not Kate though. But Mr Qwerty likes her. We could do a good wide swap with Kate & Larry.

    • pauseliveaction

      I’ve just discovered that Larry Lamb is the father of George Lamb, that uncharismatic bloke who present BBLB. I’d never have guessed, apart from them having the same surname, obv.

  3. inkface

    Wide swap? Is that swinging for fat birds or was that a fabulous Freudian slip?

    I admire him all the more for *not* changing his silly name.

    Kate O’Mara has the most feline eyes. I saw her in The Taming of the Shrew in my early teens and thought she was like a British Sophia Loren!

  4. pauseliveaction

    I don’t love Gavin & Stacey either – v. overrated, I reckon.

    But I might have to shout at you about Alison Steadman. Her turn in Abigail’s Party is officially (in our house anyway) The Funniest Thing Ever. I only have to hear the words “Demis” and “Roussos” in the same sentence and I’m beyond sensible help.

  5. inkface

    I agree with you tho’, Pausie, that’s what so awful about what’s happened to her since!!!

  6. Qwerty

    Pause – Please don’t shout at me, I quail easily. Also we are in complete agreement; I think my phrasing was confusing. I meant that I loved her in ‘A’s P’ (how could anyone not?), but that I had not liked her in anything since. In my house, it’s actually the phrase ‘do you like olives?’ that gets everyone going.

    Inky – Ha ha! Wide swap. It was a Typian slip.

    • pauseliveaction

      Oh. Sorry! I thought you meant she’d always been a bit useless. Probably it’s because Beverley in AP had such an impact on our subconsciousness, we see a bit of her in everything Ms Steadman does? And you don’t really want Beverley turning up in Pride & Prejudice. “Little top up, Mr Bennett? Lizzie? Little top up?”

  7. Qwerty

    ‘Now say after me, Miss Bingley: “I have very beautiful lips”‘.

  8. inkface

    Stop it the pair of you. You’re scaring me now.

    But now I come to think of it, her favourite role for me was actually Candice-Marie in Leigh’s genuis, but almost unbearable to watch, camping film ‘Nuts in May’. Did you see that?

  9. Qwerty

    Appropos of nothing, Mike Leigh once sat in front of me at ‘Jerry Springer, the Opera’ and he didn’t laugh once.

  10. inkface

    I’m sorry to be the blue pencil brigade, but I have to point out it’s ‘apropos’ (yes, you can kick me now). He has seemed quite dour when I’ve seen him. Did you laugh?

  11. pauseliveaction

    Back to the subject in hand (Gavin & Stacey) – aren’t Horne & Corden pale in that photo? They look like they’ve been kept in the dark – or Manchester – for years.

  12. Qwerty

    Ooh, you gotta be right careful on here with slips of the fingers and dodgy spellings. But it’s rather lovely to be ticked off by Inky.

    Yes, I laughed immoderately at Jerry Springer – it was hilarious. I thought it would be rubbish and it was terrific, though M. Leigh obviously didn’t agree.

    They ARE pale aren’t they? They could be cast as vamps in True Blood.

  13. Rebecca

    I prefer James Corden to what’shisface any day of the week, and I did like Alison’s character until recently. Bryn I can’t abide.

  14. pauseliveaction

    I’ve finally caught up with the rest of the world and watched this episode. I’ve never seen G&S before, so it took a little bit of working out who was related to who, and a big penny dropped when I worked out Smithy was Neil’s father. As a newbie, I have to say I found Bryn’s song absolutely hilarious.