What’s all the fuss about Adam Lambert?

For those who don’t know, Adam Lambert came second in the most recent American Idol. He gave some stunning performances, he has an incredible vocal range, he took the most banal song and gave it fresh meaning, and he did it mostly wearing lots of eyeliner and black nail polish. In short, not your usual kind of Idol contestant.

Soon after the show ended, he announced in Rolling Stone magazine that he’s gay, which surprised absolutely no-one, and commenced recording an album with some of the top songwriters and producers who could be mustered. The fruits of those labours, For Your Entertainment, has just been released, and it’s like an orgy involving Liza Minnelli, Prince, Freddie Mercury, Barbra Streisand, Marc Bolan, Led Zeppelin and – oh, just anyone you can think of who’s theatrical, over-the-top, brilliant and different.

His first big TV performance to promote the album was at the American Music Awards. And oh dear, our Adam got a bit carried away. He sang the title track of the album, a song with some fairly cheeky lyrics hinting at S&M, and chose to portray this in a fairly overt way. Unfortunately, snogging his male keyboard player and having a dance routine that involved shoving a dancer’s face in his crotch didn’t go down (ahem) well in some quarters of the American viewing public, and there were complaints – despite the performance going out at 11pm, long after kids and the easily offended should have been in bed.

Adam’s singing wasn’t at its best, either, and you had to wonder whether he’d  been influenced/upset  by a row which started when the editor of the gay magazine Out wrote an open letter to Adam claiming that Adam’s management had asked the magazine not to make him come across as “too gay,” and saying Adam allowed his “homosexuality to be neutralised” by appearing in another magazine’s photo shoot posing with a female model. Adam replied by saying he wasn’t comfortable with the idea that he should be a representative for all gay people, and that his area of expertise was music and not politics. “Not every gay man is the same gay man,” he said.

After the compaints were recieved about the AMA show, Adam’s scheduled appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America was cancelled, because they said they couldn’t risk any kind of inappropriate behaviour shocking breakfasting Americans. Twitter went mad last night with anti-ABC rants, but rival network CBS soon snapped him up instead, and he’ll be appearing on their Early Show today.

I just hope this hasn’t got him labelled as the “controversial guy” rather than the brilliantly talented future global superstar that his fans all know he is.


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10 responses to “What’s all the fuss about Adam Lambert?

  1. Carolynne

    Seriously, we’re almost a decade into the 21st century. America needs to get the picture.

    • pauseliveaction

      I wonder if it’s just some of the American media that needs to get the picture? There were only 1,500 or so complaints, which isn’t much to have ABC running scared.

  2. Qwerty

    Finally! After all this time, now I know who Adam Lambert is.

    Till now, I’d thought he was on Corrie.

  3. inkface

    What sort of dish would he order from Roy’s Rolls do you think Pausie?

    • pauseliveaction

      He may be restricted a little by Roy’s menu, but he does look like a boy who enjoys his food. I can picture him hoisting a chip up to his lips with his perfectly manicured fingernails.

  4. inkface

    I’m not sure that isn’t food porn. Does he blow on it?

  5. Qwerty

    Ok, that’s enough, you two. Cold showers all round.

  6. inkface

    He doesn’t look the cold shower type. More a bubble bath sort of chap I reckon…

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