Lustbox: Neil Pearson

It’s been a dull, dreary week, so what better way of putting a smile back on my face than by thinking filthy thoughts. And today, those thoughts turn to Neil Pearson. He’s not the sort of man I’d want to imagine marrying, but he seems utterly perfect for a fantasy affair. He has a really delicious naughty glint in those blue eyes. Most recently I watched him as choir master in the generally ghastly All the Small Things, where he behaved quite appallingly to his saintly and decent wife, played by Sarah Lancashire. He leaves her to begin an affair with new addition to the choir, played by a minxy Sarah Alexander, who, unlike his wife, seems unlikely to wear brushed cotton pajamas to bed. Because it’s him, you end being far more sympathetic than is in any way appropriate given the circumstances.

He was even more gorgeous and worthy of lusting after in Between the Lines. But he can do humour very nicely too. He seems to do horny journalists to a tee, vis Drop the Dead Donkey and Bridget Jones Diary.

Certainly, speaking as a journalist, he’d cheer up my day if he was a colleague. Not sure how much work would get done tho’.

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One response to “Lustbox: Neil Pearson

  1. Qwerty

    Oh yes, Drop the Dead Donkey… (falls into happy reverie)

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