Waterloo Road: Different strokes

This week Pious Kim Campbell had her work cut out trying to persuade Executive Head and Boyfriend Max Tyler (or “Mister Strachan!” as I’ll always think of him in a Connie Beauchamp voice) to be a little less Wackford Squeers in his approach to discipline. She was right, as well – when you’re dealing with a boy who’s humiliated because he lives in a care home, it doesn’t really help to make him wear a high visibility tabard and pick up litter.  All it did in this case was make the boy nick Tyler’s car and drive it in circles around the playground in a manner that could surely get him a slot as understudy to the Stig in Top Gear.

We had a little glimpse into Tyler’s persona when he half admitted to the boy that he’d been in care himself. By the end of the episode, he was promising to work a little more co-operatively with the rest of the staff, and snogging the face off Pious Kim to cement the deal.

Elsewhere, Rose told Josh Stevenson what a diamond of a bloke Tom Clarkson is – why, anybody would be thrilled to have him for a daddy, sure they would. Josh is a little bit spiky about doing father/son bonding stuff, but Tom is winning him round. And Josh is absolutely adorable – what a face! (and his mum’s on Corrie, you know).

And the deeply wonderful Steph Haydock went back to school, for a language teachers’ refresher course. When she learned that she may be required to speak actual French to an actual French person, she sensibly scarpered and headed for a nice G&T at home (sweet to see a picture of the late lamented Maxine in her house). Not for long, though, as Jo Lipsett (who wasn’t wearing her cardigan backwards this week, I’m relieved to say) flushed her out and made her go back.

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