Strictly: Dial ‘f’ for farcical

SHOWBIZ Strictly 121167I think I must have been having a premonition with my last blog about the stupidity of ‘popularity contest’ voting. After the total fiasco on Strictly last night, I realised Big-Brother style voting works so much better.

When the public vote to get rid of someone, not keep them in, they seem to demonstrate less stupid and bizarre behaviour with their dialling fingers.
Two of the best and most able couples ended up in the dance-off because ‘the public’ tend to leap up with excitement to vote for drippy puppies and gurners. Or to try to piss off the judges? I don’t know what drives people, but the show has to be blamed for having no integrity in the first place. It wants as much money from phone votes as possible, and so sets up this sort of fiasco.
ali bWith Ali Bastian we had a woman who danced brilliantly with a broken toe and bruised black and blue foot who was then forced to dance again, this time in bare feet because presumably her foot had swollen too much to keep the silly heels on twice. That’s not telly, that’s torture.
Then poor Zoe Lucker. Consistently excellent, always gets high marks. Twice in the dance-off and now gone from the show because the public don’t like her. No idea why.
It’s all too silly and unpleasant and I may have to stop watching. True Blood sounds like a much more entertaining sort of bloodbath to me.

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  1. drbethtonic

    Gosh Inkface, I’m glad I’m not watching this Strictly now; it sounds much too stressful. Come, sit on the sofa next to me and chill out to some calming s & v in True Blood.