Coronation Street: Rosie relives her Goth youth

rosie-coronation-streetYesterday’s Corrie episode started where the previous one had left off – Gail was still sitting on a wall, Tony and Carla were still prowling round the graveyard, and Rosie was barricaded in the factory office with mascara all over her face. It took me back to the glory days when Rosie and Craig Harris were Goths and used to spend long, fun-filled days scowling at the world and talking about death and painting their fingernails. Happy times.

Kevin attempted to console his eldest by telling her that it was perhaps a blessing that all her money had gone, because “it brought nowt but trouble.” And an adorable little car, several handbags and all those lovely shoes, Kevin, you heartless mechanic. Sophie proffered psychobabble and sweet tea, which Rosie rejected on the grounds that it would ruin her figure. When Rosie says stuff like that, you know she’s going to be ok – and her mascara had been reinstated by then as well.

If only a dab of makeup would sort out Tony Gordon’s problem, which is how to handle vengeful ex-wife and Queen of the Night Carla. But when people are in extremis they reach for their tried-and-trusted fixes. For Rosie this is makeup. For Tony, it’s Jimmy Dockerson. Remember Jimmy Dockerson? The one who actually ran Liam over; the one who put the frighteners on lovely old Jed Stone? He’s being enlisted to deal with The Carla Situation.

Meanwhile, Gail is coming round to the idea of having a boat parked in her front garden. She perked up around the time Joe told her he reckoned he could get £7,000 for it once he’s done it up, which would only cost a few hundred. David has started reminiscing about all the happy times the Platt family spent fishing in his youth. I’ve been watching Corrie since I was in nappies and I don’t remember them ever going fishing or mentioning it, but hey-ho, whatever keeps David happy is fine by me.

And Tyrone gave Molly a home gym for her birthday, so she doesn’t have to go out to the gym on cold, dark nights. Kevin and the Mollster are going to have to think up another excuse for their little trysts now.

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4 responses to “Coronation Street: Rosie relives her Goth youth

  1. Do you want me to beg? Ok, I’ll beg.

    Purlease come and join us on the Coronation Street blog. You’re fab and we love you.

  2. Flaming Nora

    Ok, I’ll link to your Corrie posts from now on as they are really rather good!

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